Car Show Information from Big Al's List
Print this list out for your use!
Your Flyer or information should always include these very important pieces of information;
You will not need all of these items, but I list them so that you will think about them.
I will list some items in a column so that you can check them off or make comments about them.
You will need to work closely with the club or group that is helping.
* Denotes an item that MUST be on flyer!
* Name of Car Show
* Dateís of Car Show
Rain Date of Show or No Rain Date
Check Big Al's List to see what other Events are on the date!
* Car Show Address Number People use GPS's now, be accurate!
* Car Show Street Name
* Car Show City & State
Location Directions
* Hours of Registration
* Hours of Car Show
* Cost if any to Enter Is pre-registration cheaper?
* Contact Phone Number
* Contact Email Address
Contact Name
Contact Mailing Address
Contact Website
Dash Plaques
Door Prizes
People running the show should not take part in the 50-50, It looks real bad when they win!
Goodie Bags
People running the show should not take part in the Awards, It looks real bad when they win!
* No Pets ?
Disc Jocky
Live Band Name
Electricity for DJ, Band, Music or Announcer
Is the Show a Benefit to a Cause
Cruiser Specials of Food Vendors
Is another Event running in conjunction with your Show
Club Participation
* Years of Vehicle
* Types of Vehicle allowed at Event
Classes of Vehicle
Do you need a permit for the location
Do you need special insurance
Liability Statement
Auction ?
Do you have Sponsors
Restroom or Port-A-Potty
How will you advertise your sponsors
Check list to see if date wanted is already busy in your area
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