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Out in the countryside are a couple of very un-assuming looking buildings. They appear from the street to maybe hold some farm equipment. That is what the owner wants you to think! Laid out on the inside is an away of vehicles that makes your jaw drop to youíre chest and say ďOh My GoshĒ! From the minute your eyes start to focus on the contents you think ďPinch MeĒ, this canít be true. We have all seen a Thunderbolt in our time, but here sits the very first one built, and then another, and then another. By the time you count to five original Thunderbolts sitting there even a Chevy Guy has a little drool running down his chin! Well of course, because there sits an original 1963 Z11 Impala Lightweight! OK you Chrysler Guys, you arenít forgotten, because there is also a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Hemi that belonged to the Sox & Martin team. Donít walk too fast or you might miss the 1999 Monte Carlo that was driven in Nascar by Dale Jarrett. Keep on looking and youíll see a couple of 1965 Mustangs by Holman Moody, The Batcar and Dyno Dons. I could go on and on about the Corvettes, Dodges, Plymouths, Galaxies, Drag Cars, Street Rods and not to mention many many one of a kind Antique Vehicles.

Lets talk about those Thunderbolts for a moment! Ford was heavy into drag racing in the 60ís and built some specialty cars for Private Racing Teams. They had been working on the Galaxie 500 as the base car and decided to move to the Fairlane 500 for the base vehicle because of the lesser weight. They turned to the Dearborn Steel Tubing Company to fabricate between 109 to 111 Plain Jane looking cars built with 427 cubic inch w/dual quads, 550 horsepower engines, ram air intakes, headers, 4 speed top loader transmissions with heavy duty traction bars, multi-leaf rear springs, heavy duty shocks, Thunderbolt Mag wheels with 6X15 front tires and M & H Racemaster 7:10X15 slicks. It had a wheelbase of 115 inches, length of 197 inches, weighted in at 3225 pounds and could turn 125 miles per hour in 11.18 seconds! Wrap this up with fiberglass fenders and hood with aluminum bumpers. All this for a mere $3,900.00. Itís believed that only about 60 Thunderbolts are known to exist today.

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