Rock N Roll Capital Street Machines
Cruisers of the Year 2010
Pictures by Al Stacko


The weather could not have played a better part on Tuesday, September 21st for the annual crowning of our “ Cruiser’s of the Year”. The front row was filled with our weekly “Best of Show” winners from the various Tuesday theme nights. Cars and trucks representing both classes of “stock and modified” were proudly displayed. With all the outstanding hot rods in competition, each one equally impressive as the next, our task to narrow the field down to just two seemed impossible! After lengthy discussions and with tough decisions that had to be made, the field was now down to the final four. The process now became even more difficult, again more discussion and trips around, under and in each car!
 And now the final results for 2010…

 “Cruiser of the Year Stock’’

 Congratulations to Mike Johsnon with a 1970 Chevelle SS. If you haven’t seen Mike’s dark blue and white stripped SS at any events you’re missing what I call a trip back in time. Meticulously restored in every detail, looking exactly the way it did when it was unloaded from the transport truck at the local Chevy dealer in 1970!  It’s actually a rolling Chevrolet museum, a piece of GM performance history for all to enjoy.

“ Cruiser of the Year Modified”

Congratulations as well to Al Matuska with a 1956 Chevy 210. Al’s version of the two-tone silver and charcoal 56 may not have been what the GM designers had in mind, however we think they would approve! A well thought out project that added modern performance, drivability and comfort while keeping the traditional body and trim of the classic Chevy. The precision blending yesterday and today’s technology on this ride were at the hand of Al himself. Be sure to look at the detailed work performed on this 1956 SSS (Smooth, Sleek & Silver) next time you see it!


 The Rock N Roll Capital Street Machines wish to thank and recognize the fine people and their rides who support “Cruisin Solon’’. Many fantastic hot rods visit our event every week… all winners to us! Just remember everybody’s car is special to them, and were all in this for the fun!  Thanks again for cruising with us and look for another exciting season for 2011.

Al Stacko
Rock N Roll Capital Street Machines