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The Pictures are now available!


Did you miss out on getting that American Graffiti Memorabilia when you attended their last “Guest Appearance? Well, it may not be too late to score that wanted Picture! We now have several pictures for sale on this website, take a look and see if the one that you want is there! For only $25 plus $2 s&h we will have the selected “Signed” picture delivered to your door! Oh, you say you would like it personalized? You would like it to say “To Jim on Our Anniversary” or “To Bob from Paula”? Let us know, and for the small fee of $5 more, Paul Le Mat aka “John Milner” or Cindy Williams aka “Laurie Henderson” & “Lavern” of “Lavern & Shirley” will personalize their signature to YOU or that “Special Person” in your life!!! If 2 to 9 pictures are wanted, we will reduce the total shipping rate. If 10 or more pictures are wanted, we can give a price break on the total package. Click on to see the pictures available!


Paul Le Mat or Cindy Williams answering your Phone for you?


Here is a chance of a lifetime to have your phone answered by Paul or Cindy on your cell phone or home answering machine! They will call and leave a message on your answering machine or cell phone that you can put in your message slot. You can choose one of our messages or choose the message yourself, up to 75 words. Click HELLO to see our generic messages. If you do not have the capabilities to transfer the message on your own device, we can send it on a tape or CD. The cost for this is only $99. Paul and Cindy are available between 6 and 9 PM E.S.T. You will need to set a day of the week and a specific time for the call to be made. You will also need to have your equipment ready to record the message.


A Picture and a Phone Call from Paul or Cindy?


Yes, you can receive an autographed Picture and a Phone Call from Paul or Cindy? This is not for the taped message, but for a few minutes of Conversation to wish someone a “Happy Birthday”, Merry Christmas” or any other recognized greeting! Can you imagine their surprise to know that after you hand that certain someone a signed picture of Paul or Cindy that the phone rings and they are on the line to give their “Greeting”. This feature can be had at the cost of $99


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