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Hey Show Promoters!


If you are having a major Car Show or Cruise In and would like to have John Milner aka Paul La Mat, Laurie Henderson aka Cindy Williams, Mini Me aka Vern Troyer, the “32Yellow Deuce Coupe, the “55Black Chevy or any of our many people or machines on display there, drop me a line at and send me some information about your event. If you are interested in multiple celebrities at one event better prices can be worked out! Let us know your desires! is the official contact for American Graffiti on Tour!


Beside our main attractions, we have many more High Quality People and Items that can appear at your Event! Among them are


Paul La Mat aka “John Milner” from American Graffiti

Cindy Williams aka “Laurie Henderson” & “Shirley” from American Graffiti

Bo Hopkins akaJoefrom the Pharaohs Car Club from American Graffiti

Candy Clark aka Debbie Dunham from American Graffiti

Charlie Martin Smith aka Terry “Toad” Fields from American Graffiti
Lynne Marie Stewart
aka “Bobbie Tucker” from American Graffiti

Paul Michael Glasser aka Starsky from Starsky & Hutch

David Soul aka Hutch from Starsky & Hutch

Antonio Fargas aka Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch

Vern Troyer aka “Mini Me

Anson Williams aka “Potsie” from Happy Days

Donnie Most aka “Ralph Malph” from Happy Days


“32” Yellow Deuce Coupe from American Graffiti

“55” Black Chevy from American Graffiti


Clint Eastwoods “Dirty Harry” Motorcycle

Dennis Hoppers “Easy Rider” Motorcycles – both of them!

Elvis Presley’s personal Motorcycle

Fonzie’s “Happy Days” Motorcycle

James Dean’s personal Triumph

Marlon Brando’s “Wild One” Motorcycle

Roy Rogers personal Harley Davidson

Steve McQueen’s “Sitting Behind the Iron curtain” Motorcycle

Steve McQueen’s “Great Escape” Motorcycle

Von Dutch’s personal Harley Davidson Chopper


If you would like to have any of the above appear at your event, please send me an email at
with your request and your show information. Dates, Location, Time and Attendance are all required items.


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