Gaertner's Flowers and Fruits Inventory    
Name Description Order #    
Apples in basket F 014 CL    
Calla Lilly white, dark background, humming birds F 003 L    
Door entrance, stone walk, flowers with cat F 040 L1    
Door entrance, stone walk, flowers with dog F 040 L2    
Grapes slate background F 003 RL    
Roses pink, slate background F 001 LR    
Strawberries slate background F 002 RL    
Tulips lady bug, red & yellow F 004 L    
Tulips in front of rocks, orange F 041 L    
Tulips red & orange in vase F 005 L    
Violets with bees, purple, saying F 001 LS    
Violets with bees, purple F 001 L    
Water Lily dragon fly, pink F 002 L    
Water Lily frog, pink F 006 L    
Watering Can Hydrangeas, nest with eggs on table F 039 L