Hi Cruiser!


If you found this page, you must be interested in having your car on my Featured Car page! Cool, Iím always looking for cars of interest that would enhance these pages!


All you need to do is take some quality digital pictureís of your car ( at least 10 ) and write a story on the history of the car and yourself! Items like what cars you had before, what you have now, are you into cruising or would you rather just show your car, what you have done in the past and what you plan on doing in the future to the car.


On that attached link, ( LINK TO QUESTIONNAIRE ) is a questionnaire that gives a lot of suggestions of parts of your car that you can use to gather information for your story. I suggest printing that page and this page out and filling in the blanks. I have listed all sorts of items, so donít feel bad if most of them are blank when your done! It is only meant to help you think about what has been done to your car. This information can be mailed back to me at Big Alís List / 488 Monroe Blvd. / Painesville, Ohio 44077 or faxed to me at 440-352-1384. You can also scan it into your computer and send it to me as an attachment at BigAlsList@sbcglobal.net . You pictures can be emailed to me as attachments at the same address. Most servers will not let you send too many high resolution pictures at one time because of size restrictions, so may you may want to only send 2 or 3 pictures in each email.


When all of the information is received, I will check it for content and put it on the list. Not all cars will be selected for use.


Thank you for Checking In!


Big Al