Featured Car
Rich's Thunderbird
Owned by Rich Kaminski
Story & Pictures by Rich Kaminski

Description of vehicle = 390 cubic inch V-9, power steering, power windows, automatic transmission, air conditioning, California front bumper, sequential turn signals, tilt-A-way steering wheel and an AM/FM radio. It still has the original ultra violet marks for quality control and production numbers on the firewall for the production date. It came across the built line on May 24, 1967.

My partnership with this car came almost by accident. It was a Friday afternoon and I had plans to take my mother out to dinner. Afterwards I wanted to take in a movie so I stopped to pick up a New-Herald to see what was playing. After checking out the movies for the day, I decided to glance through the car want ads. That's when I saw the ad for the "67" Thunderbird.
I called and set up an appointment to see it after dinner.
The front passenger fender and rear drivers quarter fender has been smashed in an accident but under the hood and the upholstery looked original and appeared to be in good shape. The car only had 32,450 miles on it, had the original license plate brackets and even the AAA maps that they used to bring the car to Mentor from California. This gave me a good feeling and I bought it on the spot.

The seller, who was the executer for a woman's estate, told me that the car came from a San Francisco dealership called Cecil Whitebone Ford and the owner had lived in Tiburon, California before moving to Mentor. She had taken ill and the car had sat about eight years until the owner passed away.
After buying it, I had the vinyl top replaced, both damaged fenders repaired and the whole car painted. I had the exhaust replaced around 25 years ago and about 12 years ago  I had the engine rebuilt. I have owned it for 26 years and it still a Great Looker!

I have been to many car cruises and shows, but there is one that stands out the most.  at the Mentor Car Cruise about 10 years ago, Dennis Gage from My Classis Car TV Show attended the show.  He was riding around in his golf cart and I was in the middle of the .  parking lot with my friends.  Dennis stopped his cart, got out, and walked around my car and started looking at the interior.  He then asked who owned the car and I told him it was mine.  When he asked if he could look under the hood, I told him absolutely and lifted the hood to allow him to look at different parts.  After checking out my car, he told me he had a 1967 Thunderbird at his home in Las Vegas .  I asked him if I could take his picture, but he told me to come join him for the photo, so one of my friends took the picture.  Afterwards we talked 15 or 20 minutes.  Meeting him and having the chance to talk with him was great.

During one of my later trips to Reno for a Hot August Nights Car Show, I bumped into him  and we talked about his car.  He remembered my car and asked if I still had it.  Before he left he even gave me his personal e-mail address. 
It was another really nice visit with Dennis Gage that I'll always remember.