Big Al's Featured Car's
Model "A" Ford Roadster
Owned by Artie Mason
Pictures by Artie & Big Al

I bought the car from John Bardy of Painesville, Ohio in about 1978 or 1979. It was a coupe that someone had cut the roof off of. It had a 440 cubic inch Chrysler motor in it with a push-button shifter transmission. The power from this went back to a Ford Nine inch rear-end mounted with coil springs. The only brakes working on it were mounted on the rear end. The front end had a four inch dropped axle with a set of Disc brakes mounted it but not hooked up. It had a set of ET Mags on it with Bias Ply tires. All of this was mounted on the original Model A frame. The rear fenders were a set of 1932 Truck fenders from somewhere and there were no front fenders. Handling was not very good which meant this was not a fun ride to drive.

Around 1981 I decided to make some changes and I started by replacing the 440 Chrysler and Push-Button transmission with a Small Block Chevrolet followed up with a 400 Turbo transmission. After that I went through a divorce in 1982 and the car took a backseat to everything else until 2006.
When I decided to get back to work on it, I figured it could use a good foundation so I found an aftermarket chassis with a Bell tubed front axle sporting a set of Disc brakes and a 1969 Camaro 12 Bolt positraction rear end with some deep 4:10 to 1 gears for about $9,000.00. I also picked up a set of 14 inch wide American Racing Wheels for the back and a matching pair for the front and covered them all with Goodyear SST tires. Wanting to change the look some, I purchased four all new steel fenders for $4,000.00 that ended up with a coat of Midnight Blue paint. After doing all the necessary body work I molded in a new dash to fit and had a new canvas top with side curtains. I had Eric Coley of Howards Upholstery of Painesville, Ohio do all the interior and top work. At this point in time I was ready to build the 350 cubic inch and top it off with Tri-Power set up and added a  Mallory distributer with MSD Ignition. I followed this up with a freshly rebuilt 400 Turbo transmission. I finished it up and put it on the road in 2010.