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Born Into It!
Brock Hendersons "32"
Pictures & Text by Dufus Garbonzo

When you grow up in a hot rod family, it’s only a matter of time before you get a chance to go out on your own – from a car aspect, that is. That’s exactly what happened to Brock Henderson of West Union, Ohio. His dad, Larry, has been into cars for over 40 years and that meant son, Brock, was born into it big time. Along the way, Brock’s owned a ’31 Model A coupe and a ’30 Pickup. Fast forward to today and Brock is tooling around with his latest hot rod, a
’32 Ford Sedan Hiboy.

Brock scored the car at the Street Rod Nats proving there are still some good ones out there to be had. It had a lowered front end, stock flathead and trans and not much else. He brought it home and, as the saying goes, made it his own. He started with some serious frame work on the stock chassis where he removed the original cross-member and boxed the rails the full length. He thanks Chuck at Brookville Roadster for his help in replacing the original cross-member with a stout Brookville unit. Brock finished out the chassis with a Model A front cross-member. For the front suspension, he chose a four-inch dropped and narrowed SuperBell and hung it on a Durrant mono leaf. Then, with the help of Dad and Bob Wellbaum, narrowed said axle by two more inches and hung it on ’32 Ford split wishbones. One head-on look at this Deuce and you can see it turned out right on. The spindles are stock Fords with ’46 Ford brakes. Steering of the manual nature comes from a ’59 Ford F-100 truck box. A set of Pete and Jakes front shocks control the bumps as he tools on down the road. In the back, a nine-inch Ford, narrowed down to 55 inches and stuffed with 3:50 gears hangs off of a ’36 Ford buggy spring and split wishbones.
For wheel inventory, check out the stock ‘40 big and little’s.
The front wheels measure in at 16 X 4 with 450 X 16 rubber.
The rears go off at 16 X 4-1/2 with 750 X 16 rubber. And yes, that is Firestone bias rubber you see.
Those hub caps are repop ‘39 Ford Standard models. And the only hint of chrome peeking out are the two frame spreaders, front and rear.

Still keeping the tradition aspect of this cool ride, Brock snatched up a ’69 283 Chevy motor for power and bolted it up to a Muncie four speed. The .30 over mill has 292 Power Pack heads, a Crane cam, Cal Custom oil pan and valve covers and Speedway headers. A stock chrome Chevy air cleaner keeps things clean for the 600 CFM Edelbrock carb atop a Weiand intake. A Center Force clutch is bolted to a stock flywheel inside the early Ansen blow-proof bell-housing and is shifted through a Hurst shifter. John Russel did the tranny work and Bicksler Racing did the 9.5:1 motor.
That’s a Zoom water pump you see, raising the working level of the fan for proper cooling.

That sweet body you see needed only to be cleaned up and sanded by Brock and his Dad before being shot with some Lemco semi-gloss black by Larry Henderson. The stock grille and tail lights were retained, as were the headlights. The fenders and running boards have been tossed making for a traditional Hiboy. The use of antique crème color on the firewall and wheels works perfectly with the VW Sage green of the engine and some accent trim. (The top, inside windshield trim getting a coat of green was a surprise to Brock after asking Dad to squirt it for him.) Both colors are PPG.

It took Brock about four months to make over his buy from the Nats. Well, that and about the usual amount of money a great Deuce like this would need to hit the streets. Now would be a good time for us to thank the Henderson’s.
We’ll thank Brock for building such a cool ride and sharing it with us and thank his Dad, Larry for hooking his son up with the hot rod bug.