Big Al's Featured Car's
1947 Ford Convertible
Owned by Dave West
Pictures by Big Al

A few years ago, “like 1955” I had just got out of school and was waiting to go into the army and saw this 1947 Ford convertible in a yard for sale. It was black with red primer front fenders. I stopped to ask the price and was told $800.00. That was a lot of money back then so I asked my dad if he would help me buy it, which he did, and I have almost owned it ever since!

During the last 56 years I drove it all over America with the flat head engine in it that used more oil than gas, but it always got me to the next army base. When I got out I sold this car to a friend and less than one year later bought it back and still own it. For a while I put in a Mercury 289 cubic inch engine with a JC Whitney adapter plate coupled to a Lincoln three speed transmission. My wife and I made new interior for it in black and white. After that it sat in a barn for many years and four children later and a divorce.
I then took it apart and installed a 1989 Ford Mustang 5.0 motor with the over drive transmission and the wiring harness with computer and a complete dash. I then painted it Corvette yellow and Gloria and I drove it from coast to coast. I then decided to have it painted by a professional and chose Red on the exterior and had a new interior put in. I made the windows power and also put in power steering and front disc brakes. This car has been a part of my life for 56 yrs and has many memories.