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1965 Mercury Comet Calient Convertible
Owned by Mike & Sue Roe
Pictures by Buddy Scoville

History of Mike and Sue Roe's 1965 Mercury Comet Calient
Being '65 Comet lovers and owners, my wife, Sue, and I decided that we wanted to add to our collection of our two '65 Comet Cyclone hardtops. In 1999, I saw a '65 Comet Caliente convertible for sale on the internet. The pictures looked nice, so I called. I was reassured by the owner that it was a beautiful car, and he was the second owner. He also said it had never even been in the rain during the 16 years he had owned it, and it had always been stored in a heated storage facility. The car was located in the Mansfield, Ohio, area, and the owner suggested that I come to spend as much time looking at the car as I wanted. As I checked out "every square inch" of the car, I noticed some very rare and interesting options. It had a factory tachometer on the dash. The sway bar and suspension were heavy duty .The engine compartment dress up, breather element, and radiator cap were standard on a '65 Cyclone and optional for the Caliente. It also had the Super Cyclone 4V-289 V8 engine along with emergency flashers and backup lights.

Back in 1965, there was not a Comet Cyclone model in a convertible. But, one was able to option items that were available for the Cyclone--like the factory tachometer, engine dress up, heavy duty suspension, and limited slip rear end. Wow, this car had all the nice options, including windshield washer system and separate fluid Rotunda glass storage bottle.Long story short, it was as nice as he said it was, but of course there were things I wanted to do to make it the way I thought it should be, since it was a stock car like it came from the factory .During our conversation, the owner said that If we came to terms on the price that was acceptable to him, he had some surprises for us. I made him an offer which he accepted, so we set up a time to get the car. He suggested that we either bring a van/truck or trailer. We still didn't know what the surprises were.
When we arrived, the car was sitting out front of their home ready to be driven home. Sue and I met his wife, and she directed us out back to a large storage shed. He began giving us large tubs full of extra parts for the car, all in excellent condition, that he had collected over the years. It included all the stainless trim, bumpers, medallions, interior dash pieces, a beautiful rebuilt and detailed power steering pump and pressure hoses, and too many other parts to list. We were glad we brought our van.

The final surprise was quite unique. His wife brought out of the storage shed a beautiful, light weight, ten speed bicycle. I thought, why are we getting this? It was a Schwinn, and the name on the bike's cross bar was "Caliente." It was a beautiful red with gold lettering. They even had the owner's manual. What an interesting addition to the car.
If you are like most “car guys, “you know what I did once I got the car home, tear it apart and do what I thought needed to be done to make it better. I buffed the paint and made it sparkle. I replaced the red and white velour-type material with white NOS vinyl seat covers. I replaced the cheap carpet with the correct molded 80/20 rayon like it came from the factory. It received a beautiful white convertible top. The engine compartment was thoroughly cleaned, valve covers re-chromed, breather element painted, and a new Super Cyclone sticker placed on the canister. The 4V -289 V8 engine was called the Super Cyclone when the Cyclone engine dress up option was chosen. To give it some extra Pizzazz, the Caliente was fitted with Magnum 500's with Mercury head center caps and
Goodyear Eagle ST's.

Like all of our '65 Comets, we love driving them to many cruise-ins, locally and far away. We were fortunate in 2002 to win a 1st. place award at the International Mercury Owners Association national car show, along with other accolades over the years. Most of all, we enjoy the car hobby because of the wonderful people we have met and the great car stories we have shared.