Big Al's Featured Car's
1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone Hardtop
Owned by Mike & Sue Roe
Pictures by Buddy Scoville

History of Mike and Sue Roe's 1965 Mercury Cyclone.
It all started when my 1957 Dodge Coronet had over 80,000 miles on it, and I felt I needed a new car. I found my 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone at Walt McGill Lincoln Mercury on Main Avenue in Ashtabula. I fell in love with its bright red paint, white interior, 289 cubic inch V-8 engine, with a 4 speed--and I could afford it! The total cost was $2,691.00 out the door. I drove it to college and work while I was attending Kent State University Branch in Ashtabula. Eventually, I was required to go down to the Kent Main Campus in the fall of 1966. I decided I needed to sell the Comet to have more money for school, but my parents purchased the car so I didn't have to. This way, it was at least kept in the family. Because I worked on the weekends in Ashtabula, I drove an old junk '56 Pontiac back and forth to Kent--what a drag. At least I had my girlfriend, Sue, to ride with me. By the way, it is the same Sue that I have been married to for 41 years. Sue and I were married the week-end after my college graduation in June of 1969. My parents gave us a wonderful wedding present--the '65’ Cyclone. We drove it to Florida for our honeymoon, and because it was our favorite car, we kept it.
Through all the years of raising two children, purchasing other cars, and buying a home (where we have lived for 39 years), we really never thought of selling the Cyclone. In 1998, we started to restore it.

Well, This is where we Started in 1969!
This is Sue and I getting ready to start our Honeymoon on a trip to Florida in our "65" Cyclone!
I decided to change the color from the original Cardinal Red to Flame Red, and since the engine needed some attention, I decided to do some special stuff. With the help of Louie at Sanbom Automotive in Ashtabula, and Jim Campbell, who did the head work, I was able to build the engine I wanted and could afford. The 289 V-8 got a 292-512 lift Lunati cam, lifters, springs, and push rods. It received new rings, valves, and Keith Black pistons and rods. I had the engine balanced and the crank polished by Transfer Automotive of Transfer, Pennsylvania. The T-I 0 transmission was completely gone through by Glenn Holden, and then the body work and paint was done superbly by K & S Auto Body of Painesville, Ohio. It turned out better than I could have imagined.
The Cyclone has some special features. The seats and door panels are original. The carpet, headliner, and dash pad are new. It has a factory triple gauge set-up on the dash, which includes a tachometer, vacuum gauge, and elapse time clock. The triple gauge set-up was an option and is quite rare. The Cyclone came standard with a single tachometer.
The fiberglass ram air hood was not available, even as an option. They were only found on the AFX and BFX Comet Cyclone drag cars that Mercury campaigned during the mid '60s. Drag racers like "Dino" Don Nicholson, Hayden Proffitt, "Farmer" Arnie Beswick, and Doug Nash all drove Comet Cyclones with the ram air hood. Another unique feature of our car that did not come with it is the "Cyclone" SS Crager center caps. They also were only found on the '65 Cyclone drag cars. A very good friend of mine, John Gotshall, who restored Hayden Proffitt's '65 Cyclone altered wheel base AFX car, found me the set I have on my car .What a find! Thanks, John.
Like all of our Comets, six and counting, we greatly enjoy owning, driving, and showing them. There were only a little over 12,000 '65 Comet Cyclones built, and few are left to appreciate today.

We have received many great compliments and have won a lot of trophies over the years. In 1993, our son, Jerry, and I went on the 1st Car Craft sponsored Power Tour (now sponsored by Hot Rod) from the BF Goodrich headquarters in Akron to the Street Machine Nationals in DuQuoin, Illinois. Along the way, we stopped and stayed overnight at the Indianapolis 500 Motel, and the next morning we ran the speedway. We received a certificate commemorating the lap--what a blast! When the 1993 October issue of Car Craft hit the newsstands, there was our '65 Comet Cyclone on the cover--right behind the Car Craft lead car. Inside, there were even more shots of our car. What a wonderful surprise!

For many years, we have attended the Good-Guys Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. Our Cyclone was highlighted in both the 2007 and 2008 Good-Guys Gazette, which is its national publication. It's great to be picked out for pictures when there are 7,000 cars at the events.
We are still in the process of restoring more of our Comets and enjoy all aspects of their restoration. No matter what classic one drives, there is nothing like the hobby--great cars, great friends, great fun.
And here we are today, Enjoying a Car Cruise at Conneaut Lake Park!
Yes, Believe it or not, We are the same couple as in the picture at the top of the page!
And the Best Part is, We Are Still On Our Honeymoon!