Big Al's Featured Car's
1939 Ford Deluxe
Owned by Steve Baker
Pictures by Buddy Scoville

My good friend Pete Malog who is a long time area Hot-Rodder and Mechanic was building this car in his garage when I first saw it. I watched as a lot of it went together and admired the skill that Pete used when working on the car. In talking to Pete I discovered that it’s Maiden Run was going to be an outing to a Rod Run down in Charleston, West Virginia! That was how Pete worked, right out of the garage on a 200 mile road trip! I go to go on that Maiden Run, but Pete drove the 39 and I drove Pete’s 1935 Ford Pick Up. Both vehicles drove flawlessly and we had a real enjoyable trip and got to meet many great cruisers. That was enough for me to want a ride of my own. Now it was time to decide what I wanted and get the money together!

I found a 1937 Chevrolet Sedan that sounded pretty good. So, of course I gave my buddy Pete a call and asked him to check it out with me. Well, it sounded good, but after checking it out I was less then impressed with it. I was disappointed on the way home, but Pete said “Hey, if you want a Sedan, I will make you a deal on my 39 Ford. We didn’t have to travel too many miles before a deal was struck and I bought the Rod! This brought a real Smile Factor, and I’m still wearing IT!

Over the years I have up-dated various components but have always kept the theme of the car intact. Some people are so surprised when they see the three pedals on the floor and I tell them the wish-bones on the front end haven’t even been split that they have laid on the ground to look closer! It’s a neat home-built Hot Rod that runs down the road at 70 miles an hours and still gets 23 to 25 miles per gallon. It is Nosed and Decked with Shaved Door Handles and it has a Steel Body. The front and rear bumpers are custom and the top has been chopped by 3 inches with a 39 Deluxe Grill and Pete painted it Yellow in 1988 and Babes Fuller did the Flames in 1996. There are a few stone chips here and there in the paint but that happens when you drive them! My favorite Cruise is the Lowellville Cruizin by the River on Monday nights, but you can find me anywhere as I like them all!

My 39 is powered by a 1965 Chevy 327 bored over 30 with an Edelbrock 600 carburetor, GM HRI ignition and an RV Cam to give it a little rumble through a set of Sanderson Fender-well Headers and it is cooled with a 1972 Mopar radiator redone to 3 cores thickness. It is dressed up with Corvette valve covers and an original Cadillac air cleaner. The power from this set up goes through a Saginaw 4 speed transmission shifted by a Hurst shifter and then back to an 8 inch Ford rear-end sporting a 3.00 to 1 gear ratio. The front has a 4 inch drop axle Chassis Engineering Kit with a sway bar with Camaro disc brakes while the rear has drum brakes. Steering is handled by an early Impala Saginaw box and the suspension is Chassis Engineering with a Panhard bar and Monroe shocks all around. The interior has power front seats from an 87 Eldorado done in tan leather and cloth while steering is handled by a LeCarra steering wheel and the gauges are from a 61 International.