Big Al's Featured Car's
1 of 1 1973 Mustang
Owned by George Stitt
Pictures by Big Al

 I have never been one of those guys that are devoted to any one particular make of Classic Car. I like them all, Fords, Chevy., Mopars etc. I also never thought I would wind up with a "One of One" Classic. I had what I felt was a nice Classic 1967 Dodge, Charger that I had put a lot of time and expense into the restoration, (Refer to Past Featured Cars, May of 2007).

 Not to sound too fatalistic but I've reached the stage in life where it never hurts to use a little common sense when it comes to facing reality. After seeing a number of friends pass away, I figured that if anything did happen, to me, my wife would never be able to recover the investment I had put into the 67 Charger. That’s my fault for being too particular about the appearance and mechanics of the classics I've owned. If the Charger was a 68 or 69 I wouldn’t worry about my wife recovering the investment. It was for this reason that I started to keep my eyes open for a possible trade that would be easier for her to liquidate in the event anything unexpected did happen.

During the winter of 2008 I saw a 1973 Mustang, Convertible listed, on E bay. I watched the listing and when the car didn't sell I decided to contact the owner. The owner was a man by the name of Ted Carr and he was located in Lake City Tenn. I contacted Ted and we had a number of phone conversations and E mail exchanges with an exchange of Photos and info about our cars. It was a real pleasure talking to Ted and I approached him about a trade. I explained my reasons for getting rid of the Charger and he told me that due to his physical size it was difficult for him to get in and out of the Mustang and he was having problems, with his hips that made it difficult for him to shift the four speed transmission. The Charger being a full size car with an automatic would be easier for him to drive and enjoy. He also told me that he went to High School with the kid who got the car new, as a graduation present. The car has spent its entire life in the Lake City Tenn. area. He had some documentation and further stated that there were a limited number of 73 Mustangs produced, with the 351 Cobra Jet engine and four speed transmission combination. I checked and found that to be true, with only 293 convertibles produced with that combination. I felt that this could be a fair trade but wanted to see the car.

In March of 2008 I made arrangements, with Ted to meet with him at his home, in Lake City. I was accompanied on the trip by a friend of mine, Tim Petro. After a long drive we met with Ted and his wife, Pam. Just as I figured, from our phone conversations, he and his wife were two great people and we enjoyed their company. I looked over the car, in Ted’s garage and it was as he described. I could see a number of things that had to be addressed at a later time. It was obvious that it could use a new top and Ted explained that a previous owner had the hood fly up and damage the windshield and top bow. He had the top part and it would go with the car. We finalized an agreement to trade with the understanding that upon seeing my Charger he could change his mind and I would split the expense of transporting the car to my home. A friend of his had a car hauler and he could bring it to Ohio. We met at my home, Ted liked the Charger and a trade was made.


 Some of you may be familiar with the "Marti Report". Kevin Marti is the guru for the
production figures on Ford & Mustang cars. I contacted him and requested what is called a "Deluxe Marti Report", giving me all the info on the car along with the copy of the window sticker. After receiving this info. I was more interested in just how many, of the 293 Mustang Convertibles, with the Cobra Jet engine and four speeds were produced, with my exterior color, interior colors and options. I sent for this information and after a three month wait received a letter, from Kevin Marti stating that my car was the only 73 Mustang, convertible made that year with these colors and options.

 The info was great news but I knew that was going to cost me. Not just the fact that I'm particular about my cars but now this one is special. I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. It spent sometime in the body shop for some minor issues and at that time body filler was found, in the hood so I decided to replace it with the scooped hood, known as the NASA hood. This hood was used with the Ram Air Induction that could be ordered from the factory. Funny thing about these cars, you could not get the Ram Air system with the 4-V, Cobra Jet engine. A number of upgrades were also made. New shocks, springs, a welded in sub frame connector, high flow water pump, HP fan and fan clutch. Of course a new top was installed along with related parts. Upgraded electronic ignition system, Edelbrock Performer manifold, 850 CFM dual feed carburetor, radio, gauges, a complete rebuild of the four speed transmission, clutch and all related parts and a one wire 100 amp alternator. I wanted to go with 15” tires instead of the original 14”, but found out that the 14” mags from the factory were a special order option for the 1973 year only! I also learned that these wheels are somewhat rare because Ford found a problem with them and they were re-called. They now refer to them as the “Recall Wheel” I’ll close by saying, with all the improvements the car rides and drives as good as it looks. The “One of One” status is an extra plus!