Big Al's Featured Car's
1947 Chevy
Owned by Bill Poskarbiewicz
"The story of this old classic is not a story of restorations or auction value. It's not a story of cam shafts, horse power or brake drums. Instead, it is a story of family. My uncle bought this 1947 Chevy Stylemaster off a flat bed truck at a swap meet in northwest Ohio in 1991. (A 1947 Chevy Stylemaster was his first new car purchase when he returned from the Army. He didn't have to wait long because in those first few years following WWII every 3rd car delivered to a dealership was set aside for a returning serviceman.)He hadn't planned on restoring the car for a while, but he rushed and got it finished so it could carry my wife and I from the church on our wedding day just months after he purchased it. Needless to say, from that moment on the car held a special spot in my heart.

 Fast forward to the Fall of 2008. My uncle, diagnosed with terminal cancer, passed "Old Blue" on to me. Our first outing with our new treasure was the Memorial Day Parade in Euclid. The day before the parade, our cousin, an Apache pilot and trainer in Afghanistan lost his life in that war when his helicopter crashed in the mountains near Kabul. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross posthumously for his brave actions that allowed his co-pilot to escape before crashing. We took the opportunity to pay tribute to him by mounting a sign to the rear of Old Blue as we proudly rode through the streets of Euclid on the day our country honors our fallen heroes.
 The cars you see on this site are cleaner, faster, tighter, cooler and more valuable than our Old Blue. But that's ok with us, he's part of our family!"