Big Al's Featured Car's
1963 Pro Street Falcon
Owned by Deb Willm
Pictures by Buddy Scoville
It all started when I had this nice 1973 Challenger (that I really loved!) with a little cam and same engine, transmission, and rear-end. I wanted a little something more and didn’t want to destroy that car so it was traded for a 1963 falcon Pro-street. The guy that we traded lived in Northfield and he told us the car was from the Cleveland area and was a 260 with air Futura model. I didn’t care for the paint job and the interior was filthy and anyone who knows my husband knows he has to take everything and “Willmize” it.

And that he did. After 3 years and 2 paint jobs later, “Headknocker” was born. The reason for the 2 paint jobs was that everything but the actual outside of the body was painted and Jim went to get more paint but a different manufacturer and it turn out that the name is the same but the mix is different. The outside of the car looked like it was a dark brown while the rest of it was Hawaiian Orchard Pearl. Not going to happen! To add a little bit of info about the car: The engine is a 1969 Ford with 357 cubic inches with ported and polished Dart Heads, Manley Rods, J&E Pistons, Reed Cam and Lifters, and Harland Rockers. Our engine man was Ken Matthews and I told him I wanted a pretty radical sounding car and he came through. He said it would be like a “bull in a china shop.” Definitely not good on gas or a go anywhere car like the Challenger. The headers are custom made by Stainless Steel Works. The transmission is a 1969 Ford, C-4, 3 speed, reverse valve body manual shift.

The body work was done by Jim Willm and the sides were” de-chromed “ to allow for the graphics done by Ryan Mohr of “Ol’ School Graphics”. Portage Trim did the interior in Avante Naugahyde. The dash is a custom design done by Brian Pakala and Mike Peskar which also did some tubular modification in the engine compartment. This car was totally redone with only the side windows as part of the original car that we got when we traded.