Big Al's Featured Car's
1937 Cadillac
Owned by Jerry Pavell
Pictures by Jerry Pavell

The car was born in Peidmont Ohio where it sat in a barn for many years I bought it from a guy near Valley City, Ohio. The motor and transmission were gone and he had it sitting in a lean-to on the edge of a woods. He had the Nova sub-frame and Nova rear put in the car. I took the fenders and all the parts there and had them sand blasted.

The car still has the original under coating on the frame now. There weren’t any rust holes on the car, only some normal body rust. In the mean time I bought a Camaro RS for the motor and transmission. I put the car in the Plain Dealer for parts and ended up trading the car for a rebuilt motor and transmission. The motor is a small block that is .40 over with a street strip cam and rockers with Pete Jackson gear drive. This was followed up by a 350 Turbo transmission.

Beside my son Chris, who was there by my side from beginning to end I also had a lot of help putting it together and doing the hard job of sanding and painting. Murph painted the exterior of the car and the custom interior was done buy Bob Evans. This spring I put tinted windows in it and also choose to paint the fenders silver. This is a nice heavy cruiser and runs down the road well. I put at least 3,000 miles on it a year cruising and going to shows, so it never sits to long.