Big Al's Featured Car's
1980 El Camino Royal Knight
Owned by Carl Wolff
Pictures by Big Al

We moved to Ashland, Ohio from a small town in western Pennsylvania called West Kittanning in the year1966. At the time I was employed as a field engineer for a company located in Deerfield, Illinois. I traveled on business throughout the country and into Canada. That’s when I met a friend in Ashland and became interested in Motorcycles. We raced motorcycles on a quarter mile oval flat track and Motorcross as well as Enduros. Every once in a while, about once a month, we would load up our bikes and go back to Pennsylvania for a weekend and ride all the wooded trails and Strip Job High Walls after the coal had been stripped. Our group consisted of friends of every walk of life including a Stat Highway Patrolman, an Undertaker, a Police Chief and many others. In 1977 I was transferred to Corporate Headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois we moved to a close town called Mundieln. That was fine but in 1982 I resigned from the company and became a third partner in a business that was located in Highland Heights. With that change, I gave up racing motorcycles, sold my racing bikes and in 1986 bought a Yamaha Turnpike Cruiser motorcycle and toured the United States and parts of Canada.

Then in 1999 I bought my El Camino Royal Knight from a friend who had restored it for his son that he was going to give him as a graduation present. As it turned out, his son was not interested in the Royal Knight which gave me the opportunity to buy it. Soon I had it detailed good enough to take it to Cruises and Shows where I have won many Trophies including Best of Show, First Place and Second Place several times!

This is one sweet ride.  My El Camino Royal Knight has been pampered and well maintained and has won several trophies.  It has Power Steering, Brakes, Antenna, Tilt wheel Cruise control, Am/Fm Cassette, Clock, and A/C just had a new compressor installed and charged with 134a Freon (it blows ice cold).  This car is owned by me and I am very particular about taking A1+ care of my vehicles, and it was always stored in a climate controlled garage during the winter months and only driven to car shows and cruise events during the summer months. The bed has never had anything in it.  The engine is a 4 Bolt main 350 Cubic Inch with less than 10,000 miles on it since it was rebuilt. It has all the goodies with TRW pistons, Crane cam and solid lifters, with a 350 Turbo auto transmission with a quick shift kit, and a Rochester 4 bbl.  The front suspension has newer ball joints and tie rods and it also has a newer exhaust with stainless mufflers.  Keep in mind that this vehicle is currently running on Ohio historical plates and does not have catalytic converters. The rear end is a 10 bolt Positraction with 3:73 gears.  The body is as straight as you will find, with excellent dark blue/ base clear coat paint.  It also has a new 4 core radiator, and air shocks. 

I still have my Yamaha Motorcycle and ride it on occasion, but not as much or as often as before purchasing
my El Camino in 1999 or my 1978 Corvette which I had purchased in 1991.