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1968 Shelby GT 500 KR
Blaine Airwyke
The car is a 1968 Shelby GT 500 KR. It is Acapulco Blue with Black Interior. The engine is the 428 cubic inch Cobra Jet with a 4 speed manual transmission. The engine is still all original with a Holley carburetor, intake, distributor and transmission.
The car originally was sold to O'Green Ford Inc. in Farmington, MI. At some point the car was in Canada and then back to the United States. In 1991 a High School friend of mine, Mike LaVan bought the car from an out of state auction. He bought the car from a gentleman who was last in line to go through the auction. Mike's brother who was at the auction at this time made the guy a offer on the car. The guy thought it was a fair price (unknown) and didn't want to wait to the end of the auction. So the car was sold and brought to Ohio.
The car then was only taken out on limited drives. This was due to Mike's very busy schedule. I often heard Mike speak of the car. This was always my dream car. One day I got to actually see this car and I was impressed with the condition of it. I said to him that
"If you ever want to sell this car, let me have first shot at it".
One year later in 1999. I got this call from Mike asking if I was still interested in the Shelby. Of course I was. Needless to say I came up with money that he was asking and the car was checked out by 3 friends of mine who all came up with the same opinion. If you don't buy this car, one us will!!!!
Even though it is an older restoration, the car still looks very good. I have to replace some things on it. Anything that I have already replaced has been done with mostly N.O.S. parts. I had to have some minor engine work done. But all in all it is a great running car.
As I came to find out a little later. There were only 4,451 Shelby's made in 1968. 1,571 (1,053 Fastbacks and 518 Convertibles) were KR's (King Of The Road). There were only 77 with the same paint, interior, engine and transmission and 3.50 locking rear axles.
The year of 2004 was a thrill. That July, I got to meet and have sign my dash, Carroll Shelby. This is a racing legend that designed and built some of the cars of its day. Carroll Shelby was very nice and personable. He went around and let us take pictures of him and I next to my car. This will always be in my memory. Looks like 2008 will bring the new KR 40th Anniversary designed again by Carroll Shelby.
The guy just keeps going.