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John Janu

1941 Willys Pickup

I am an ex-drag racer so the looks and performance of a race car is what I was looking for in a street machine. After convincing my wife that having such a vehicle was beneficial to my health, I proceeded to venture out looking for such a vehicle that was complete and ready for cruising. My age lessoned the yearning to build one from scratch. I used the internet and all the hot rod advertising venues for selling of these vehicles. I found this truck first advertised on E-bay and then proceeded in pursuing it after it did not sell. The truck was just what I wanted, a rare Willys truck super streeted and ready to go.

The first three months of ownership and cruising were fine until I ran into a problem that required me to start disassembling the truck for repairs. Unfortunately one thing led to another and by the time I was done I was down to just a body and frame and ready for a fresh coat of paint. I should have known better because we all know that if it isn't like we would do it, it just isn't good enough. I trashed almost everything and rebuilt it to my liking. My wife almost s*** when she saw a disassembled truck, but none the less she supported my hot rod addiction. This is year 4 of ownership, and I am still changing things. I hope it stops soon because I want to retire.

This truck is a Hot Rod as defined as a vehicle that is usually prepared by an enthusiast at home using limited funds and is a constant street driven ride.
Hot rods have a mix of showmanship and the casualties of the highway.
This truck is far from a show car and features:
*All steel original body
*Fabricated frame
*Fiberglass tilt front end
*Steel tilt bed with fiberglass fenders
*Chevy 8 quart engine (467 CI) - I use only American measurements
*Single Quickfuel 4 barrel carburetor with Edelbrock Air-gap manifold
*Mild street hydraulic cam
*TH400 transmission with manual reverse shift valve body
*3000 stall converter
*4:10 gears in a Ford 9 inch differential
*Bug splatters
*Paint chips
*Burned rubber undercoating
*Very old driver with a smile on his face

And then John just couldn't leave well enough alone!!!!!!!
Every year John makes a major change to this beauty, This is the change for 2015