Featured Car
Ruth & Denny Burdick's
1932 Chevrolet Confederate BB Closed Cab

Denny had always been fond of this type of truck as while growing up his uncle had one something like it that they used to call the "Jeep"! So when Denny saw this one in Old Cars Weekly back in August of 1994 he set out to find out all he could about it! It was in Umatilla, Florida and it only had 50,000 miles on it. The owner had rebuilt it in a likeness of a Tow Truck that his father had when he was growing up in Hamburg, New York.

The truck had been restored 1984 and was still in fresh condition and it even came with an extra drive train. The only improvement that had to be made was some interior work which was soon taken care of with the purchase of a Hampton interior kid and that was no challenge for the Burdick's. The truck was bought sight unseen and they were not disappointed.

It has a 194 cubic inch engine with overhead valves that is capable of putting out 53 horsepower that is put to the stock rear end through a 3 speed-synchromesh transmission. This was the first year that this engine was offered just for trucks. The electrical system is 8 volt, it has a heater, reserve air tank for the wiper blades. The brakes are cable operated and manual steering!

ts fun to drive with speeds about 45 to 50 miles per hour. If we tilt the windshield forward and open the cowl vent it's almost like air conditioning.