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1959 Ford Galaxy 500 Sunliner Convertible
Owner - George Stitt

All you guys and gals that may have graduated in 1959 should be retired or retiring shortly. If you played your cards right you can enjoy the great hobby of "Cruising"! I am lucky enough to not only still be around, but have a car of my dreams to Cruise with. I've always liked the "59" Galaxy and like the "1958" Chevy. the "59" Galaxy is a one year only car. First year for the Galaxy name and last year for this body style. This car is an original, 51,xxx mile unrestored car, with a 292 cubic inch engine and automatic transmission. Over the years, there have been numerous upgrades and parts replaced as needed. The upgrades were made for improved operational and safety reasons, not just for the heck of it. As the changes have been made, all removed parts have been tagged and boxed in case I ever wanted it to be 100% original.

The uniqueness of owning a Skyliner, retractable hardtop can be a lesson in itself, consider the problems of keeping all those micro switches in working condition along with all the alignment problems. The convertible has a hydraulic pump lines and two hydraulic cylinders, that's it. This one works fine, with no leaks.
A partial list of upgrades and replaced parts are as follows;
Front wheel disk brakes installed, along with new power brake booster, master cylinder and brake lines. Four barrel aluminum intake manifold installed along with new four barrel Eldelbrock Carb.
Finned Aluminum valve covers to compliment the engine compartment.
New front end parts as needed along with new radial wide whitewall tires and front end alignment.
Radiator rebuilt, all new hoses and related parts along with a high output fan. Car will run all day w/o overheating.

New custom bent duel exhaust system with glass packs for that real 50s sound.
New rear springs, shackles & bushings installed to keep the rear end from sagging, with the new Continental Kit. Quality shocks installed all around.
One wire alternator hookup installed to replace the original generator.
Point's type ignition has been replaced with Electronic breakerless ignition.
The car came with optional Hood Ornament, Bumper guards, front and rear, Power Steering, Brakes and Sunburst hubcaps. The interior, of this car, is unbelievable in appearance. Original upholstery does not show any signs of ware, for a car this old. The dash along with all the gauges & radio are excellent in appearance and fully operational. This car must have been repainted, at one time, in its history, but has not been touched in the last 26 years. I have not found any signs of bondo or patch panels and believe if any such work was done it would have shown by now.