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1956 Chevy BelAir
Jan & Dave King

I have been a "Gear Head" most of my life. Some of the Hot Rods that I have owned started with a 1949 Mercury, a 1950 Mercury, a 1951 Mercury, a 1953 Mercury and a 1957 Chevy. Back when I was I first started dating my Beautiful wife Jan, she was only 14, I didn't have my license long but was driving the "50" Mercury and the "57" black Chevy. Those are the cars we fell in love in and when we decided in 2001 that we needed to get back into Cruising again Jan said that the "57" Chevy was her favorite of all my cars. Talking with the guys one night, Ron Eslingler said he knew of a guy in Mentor who had a pile of parts that could be put together and may become a car again! I made arraignments to look at it and saw the doors here, the hood there, the trunk deck over there and the interior had been completely gutted. I had one thought, call my nephew Rick Johnson who is gifted when it comes to bringing things from a pile to a nice looking ride and asked him to take a look and give me his opinion of the possibilities. He agreed that it had a lot of potential and I bought the car on the spot.

We loaded the parts up and headed to Ricks shop. I stepped back and Rick took over like the skilled body smoother that he is. In no time the body was down to bare metal and the he sand blasted the undercarriage and we were surprised that the car was in even better condition then we first thought! Ricks brother Rob Johnson then took over and applied some base coat - clear coat in black and made that body really shine. He also painted the undercarriage and installed all new rubber and even replaced all the window felts to complete the much needed bodywork.

Next it was time to attack the drive train. A tired old 265 cubic inch came with the car but it was better used to kill mosquitoes then to move a Freshly Painted Hot Rod down the road. So at this point, I turned to my life long friend "Mr. Good Wrench" ( Ted Schuren ) and asked him to give me a hand rebuilding this oil sucker. Ted looked the engine over and suggested we take it up to Fairport Harbor and try to sell it as a "Boat Anchor"! That's when another life long buddy's from Kirtland, Ron Wilson suggested I call Big Al and see about the engine he pulled out of his 67 Chevelle when he went "Big Block". The next thing I know Ron showed up with the engine in the back of his S-10 and it was time to start working. The time came to call in another of my life long troops from Kirtland, Bob Wolff. Soon Ted, Ron, Bob and I had the wrenches flying and we had the engine settled in place and gave it a spark to bring it to life. Wow, was that a sweet sounding engine. Another great find! Then we discovered we needed a transmission, so it was back to Big Al's house for a Muncie 4 speed. Soon the gang that I have known since the 1st. grade and I were sailing down the road in my new ride! Ronnie's Crow still rides as a passenger in the back seat.


Next the interior had to be completely done and I gave our good friends Bob and Harriet Lawson a call for some advice and when they were done helping us out, the interior was all done and ready for some good cruising. So with the Love of Old Cars and the "Gift" of good friends this car has a very special meaning to my wife Jan and I. We want to "Thank" all of you for the help and the fun we all shared putting this car back together!
Thanks Again
Dave & Jan King