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1994 El Camaro Pick Up

Al & Don Nosse

This one of a kind Eye Catcher took $150,000 and 3 long years to build with the help of Burnt Karelson who just happens to be Boyd Coddingtons painter. A couple of the top prizes it has won were First Prize at the Super Cruise and First Prize at the Annual Charity Corvette Show in Chardon! It has been seen around town at Annabelle's, Solon Commons, Mr. Chicken and Chili's in Poland, Ohio.
The idea for this wild ride came from the Chevrolet El Camino which has been out of production for a few years now, but never forgotten with it's different look and it's appeal as a car but yet able to carry a load as a truck. Somewhere this has been in the minds of Al & Don and the end result is a ride that is as radical as it is useful. With all of the modifications from custom made T-Tops to the custom made glass that was hand made in Sweden and fit into this totally custom steel body. The bumpers were chopped and sectioned to fit this reworked body as well as the after market Halogen Lights, and all of this was sprayed with a Candy Purple color by Burnt which makes everything stand out even more!
The interior is just as radical as the rest of this ride! The Black Carbon Fiber Ferrie upholstery material on the F 40 Ferrari seats which are well protected by a full roll cage with 4 point racing shoulder belts to keep the driver in place. The Carbon Fiber is not spared anywhere from the dash trim right down to the sill plates. The dash supports a GPS system, a back up warning system and a wild AM/FM/CD heavy Hi-Power sound system by Falcon Hi-Fonics along with a full set of gauges to let the driver know what is going on with the heart of this Beauty!
The custom frame on the El Camaro was cut in half, and then stretched 16 ½" inches before it was widened 4 inches by Burnt. Adjustable bars were then added to the front end and then some room was made to install air bags. Detail is the key word on this one of a kind ride, right down to the Billet Oil Dip stick and the Trans Dip stick! The power for this starts out sucking air into a Vortex Supercharger which pumps it through an injection unit into a Vortex manifold into a Chevy 350 engine. The spark for this air/fuel mixture comes from an MSD ignition and is exhausted out through Borla Stainless Steel Headers. This pushes the power through a strong TH-700-R transmission to a 12 bolt rear end held in place by Aldon springs and shocks. A complete package of Brembo Brakes puts the stopping power to 17" Budnick Wheels in the front and 18" Budnick wheels in the back.










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