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Model = Coronet
Year = 1953
Description of vehicle = two door, this was the first year for the Hemi Motor for Dodge. This is the original “241” Hemi Motor V-8 with Standard Shift & Dual Exhaust. It has New 205/15 Tires and was a Tennessee Car, but now has a good Ohio Title in my name. It has a new radiator, re-chromed bumpers, older paint, older re-upholstery in great condition, good glass, solid body and the 6 volt system starts it well and runs quiet and drives good. This car can be seen in Madison, Ohio. I have some extra parts and have priced this car fairly.
Price = $6,800.00
Contact Info = Please call Larry at 440-428-1840 or 440-339-6606
CC001545 ~ 042217

Model = Super Beetle Convertible
Year = 1973
Description of Vehicle = Very solid body and frame. New paint and top. (Headliner not new.) Stick shift. Engine has been completely rebuilt with virtually every part new. (Including high performance cam and electric fuel pump.) Engine starts and runs good, but will not idle. Fun Summer car with the top down. Great car for the VW Beetle enthusiast. Car is located in Richmond Hts., Ohio.
Price = $ 6,000.00 Cash only
Contact Info = Please call John Merchant at 216-235-7761 or E-mail to
CC001544 ~ 040617

Model = Special Rivera
Year = 1953
Description of vehicle = The Body is all steel and after having it Nosed, Decked, Frenching the antenna, Shaving the door handles and Molding in a set of Lakes Pipes with the help of Glay Dura of Youngstown Ohio who also added a set of Frenched 1959 Cadillac tail-lights. It was covered in paint by Bob Shower before Guy Shively of Guy Graphics in Youngstown did  The Graphics on it
The engine is a 1957 Buick Nail-head that was completely rebuilt. Behind the motor I installed a 1986 200R4 transmission with a trans cooler. Before installation I had “The Transmission Shop” go through it and beef it up so it should be A_OK for those long trips! The overdrive comes in handy as I run a 4:1 rear end ration to help launch this ride! It has been updated to 4 corner Air-Ride suspension which give me the desired height for what I am doing. The rear end uses a 4 Bar System while the front end is steered by a 1986 Cavalier Rack & Pinion with power assist. The wheels are stock 15” with Coker P-215/75R-15’s with 2 ½” wide white-walls for that 50’s look. I also changed the electrical system over to 12 volts with the help of an Easy Wiring kit. The interior is done in Velour with after-market gauges added. This was a Featured Car on Big Als List in July of 2009. Click here to see more of this really Cool Ride!
Price = $25,000.00
Contact Info = Please call Victor Guile at 440-992-4089 or E-mail Vic at
CC001543 ~ 033017

Model: Continental Mark V
Year: 1977
Description of Vehicle: 59,870 original miles. All options including sunroof and turbine wheels. Extensive recent maintenance including exhaust, shocks, and custom tires. Runs and drives superbly, ready to enjoy!
This beautiful 1977 Mark V is one of those beautifully preserved survivors that seem to show up now and then, particularly from this era, and it shows just 59,870 original miles. The Dove Gray color is a timeless choice, far superior to many of the earth tones of the era, making this Mark V more desirable than most. As far as we can determine, it’s wearing 100% original paint, which has a soft shine that only time can create and which looks exactly right on the big, flashy coupe. It appears to have spent a majority of its life in Florida, which means no winters, not salt, and no rust in any of the usual spots.! The only issues might be some faint micro-blisters on the hood, but they’re all but invisible unless you go looking for them, and perhaps a small smudge where part of the burgundy pinstripe was rubbed away. Quite honestly, you won’t find many 40-year-old cars that look better than this.
The chrome is, of course, in excellent condition with only the most modest signs of age, and the padded roof is original and quite nice. You’ll also note the opera windows show “Cartier,” indicating that this is the top-of-the-line Cartier edition (many enthusiasts wrongly believe that the presence of a Cartier clock makes a car a Cartier edition—all Mark Vs had Cartier clocks). This is a big car that delights in showing you its details.
The leather interior is in excellent order, showing only minor comfort marks that are well within expectations for age and mileage, very plush carpets that are protected by a set of heavy-duty mats, and perhaps most surprisingly, a dash pad that hasn’t been cooked by the sun (while in Florida, this car was surely garaged). The door panels are also original and there’s some minor discoloration on the arm rests, which is pretty typical, but otherwise it’s quite nice. There’s plenty of faux wood on the dash, door panels, and steering wheel, which warms up the otherwise monochromatic interior, and it appears that this car has virtually every available option: automatic climate control, cruise control, power windows, locks, seats, and mirrors, a reclining passenger’s seat, an AM/FM/8-track stereo radio, twilight sentinel and auto dimmer system, and a glass moon roof, which remains fully operational. The back seat looks almost completely unused, and the trunk is as beautifully furnished as the interior, including what might just be the original full-sized spare tire with jack assembly.
With just 59,000 or so original miles, this car’s 460 cubic inch V8 has never been opened up and owners of similar vehicles will report that the engine will last virtually forever with just basic maintenance. Emissions controls were not a huge issue yet, so a basic 4-barrel carburetor helps build power and never gets fussy, starting quickly and idling smoothly even when cold. Throughout the engine bay there are signs of proper maintenance and care, and that’s factory-issued Ford Blue engine enamel on the block and air cleaner. It’d tidy, clean, and nicely preserved, if not detailed for show. Extensive recent servicing makes it a reliable travelling partner and there’s nothing this car loves more than to gobble up huge expanses of highway on a long road trip.
Looking underneath, you might be surprised by its specifications: dual exhaust, big front and rear sway bars, and 4-wheel disc brakes, making the Mark V a surprisingly competent machine under all conditions. A C6 3-speed automatic transmission is robust and durable, shifting all but imperceptibly under normal conditions; squeeze the accelerator and suddenly you find yourself cruising at 60 MPH without much sensation at all. Out back there’s a heavy-duty Ford 9-inch rear end with 2.73 gears inside, which is part of why this car is such a tremendous highway cruiser. The exhaust system is recent and was custom-built by an exhaust shop to exactly duplicate the original, complete right down to new catalytic converters and even the separate ground straps! The undercarriage is completely original but remains in great shape, more evidence of a life lived someplace warm and dry. New shocks are fitted all around and the brakes have been recently serviced. Optional “turbine” aluminum wheels are unmarked and in excellent shape and carry expensive new 235/75/15 Diamondback twin whitewall radials that were custom made to emulate the unique Goodyear Polysteel Radials original on the car, a design exclusive to the Mark V.
This car also includes books, manuals, and the original Cartier plaque for the dashboard, which was removed by the second owner (it has the first owner’s name on it).
Big ‘70s luxury cars are a growing segment of the hobby and this Lincoln is very easy to like. This is a beautiful car, properly maintained, loaded with options, and in great colors. If you want a first-class trip to the ‘70s, there’s no better way back than this. Call now!
For more details and photos, please visit
Price: $15,900
Contact Info: Send email to or call 440-565-5335.
CC001542 ~ 032217

Model: 98 Convertible
Year: 1961
Description of Vehicle: Gorgeous and rare Olds 98 convertible. Power windows, power seat, power top. Beautiful paint and interior, extremely clean undercarriage. Runs and drives extremely well with lots of horsepower on tap.
This 1961 Oldsmobile 98 convertible is one of those awesome cars that maybe you never imagined you’d want, but once you see it, it’s easy to fall in love. Hailing from a warm, dry climate, it’s a very clean car that has been restored as needed over the course of its lifetime but apparently never fully disassembled and refinished all at once. The long, straight flanks are covered in Cordovan Metallic paint, which isn’t quite burgundy and isn’t quite brick red, and the metallic mixed into it gives it a fantastic glow in the sunlight. The lights in our studio just don’t do it justice, I’m afraid. The sheetmetal is very straight, the paint is well done, and all the original trim (none of which is reproduced, by the way) remains in excellent condition. Doors open and close easily, especially for a convertible, and the long, straight piece of stainless running down the side doesn’t allow for sloppy panel alignment. Some of the stainless is original, so there are some dings and the insert on the rear panel shows some very light pitting, but these are minor demerits on a pretty darned nice car.
The interior is GM’s familiar two-tone red leather, which in Pontiac circles was referred to as “Morrokide.” Here, it’s simply red but the look is no less dramatic. The deep-dish two-spoke steering wheel is pure Rocket future-look, with a pointer that indicates straight ahead inside the horn button. The ribbon-style speedometer is up top with three pods for the secondary functions directly underneath: generator and oil lights, a clock, and the fuel gauge. It’s all in good condition, with the steering wheel showing a few cracks in the usual locations, but things like the dash top, door panels, and the painted dash are in excellent shape. Sadly, the cool speedometer doesn’t work but the odometer does, suggesting that the problem is in the head unit, not somewhere else. And, as is typical with old cars, the clock and radio are no longer functional, either. On the upside, however, the power windows zip up and down without issues and there’s a brand new white power convertible top overhead that disappears under a matching burgundy boot for a clean look. And as a large luxury car, you’d rightfully expect a giant trunk, which is still wearing what we believe to be its original mats.
By 1961, the Olds “Sky Rocket” V8 had grown to 394 cubic inches and a very impressive 325 horsepower. The stout V8 is dressed in red engine enamel with chrome valve covers and the stock air cleaner, all of which give it a correct look. You’ll note it is equipped with both power steering and power brakes, which are probably mandatory on a luxury car this size, and the original generator is still making electricity. This sucker always starts quickly and idles smoothly, kicking down to about 650 RPM after it’s warmed up a bit. It has no bad habits and pulls the big ragtop around with genuine enthusiasm—this car is not merely quick for its size, it’s downright fast!
That big V8 is backed by GM’s new Roto-Hydramatic 3-speed automatic transmission, which was less complex, less expensive, and easier to service than the old 4-speed unit. Shifts are crisp and in high gear, it’ll run from 10 MPH to 100 MPH without a hiccup, showcasing the flexibility of that powerful V8. The floors are completely solid and unmarked by rust or rot, the rockers are 100%, and there’s no evidence that this car has even been hit or bent. A recent dual exhaust system fits well and sounds great, giving it a healthy burble that’s never annoying and the front suspension tracks well with a luxury car ride. Power brakes are drums all around, but they’re effective as any other brakes of the era and the car remains a superlative highway cruiser that’s just effortless at speed. It’s sitting on original 14-inch wheels with Oldsmobile’s unique color-matched hubcaps as well as a brand new set of 215/75/14 whitewall radials.
Admit it, you love this car. We sure do! It’s a car we never expected to enjoy this much, but everyone who sees it in the showroom stops to take a second glance. It’s not perfect, but a little TLC on the weekend will take it up a notch, and in the meantime, you’ll have what’s arguably the best-driving luxury convertible of the era. Call today!
For more details and photos, please visit
Price: $32,900 negotiable.
Contact Info: Please send email to or call 440-565-5335.
cc001540 ~ 032217

Model: Power Wagon WDX
Year: 1947
Description of Vehicle: Nice original Power Wagon with recent paint and interior. Runs and drives great, 12-volt electrical system, 4x4 and PTO winch fully operational.
This 1947 Power Wagon delivers on its rugged good looks. It enjoyed a cosmetic restoration a few years ago and looks fantastic today, with glossy paint and excellent trim that belies its bare-knuckle work ethic. It doesn't look like this truck ever really worked very hard for a living, and the bodywork is in excellent condition with no signs of major surgery or rust in its history. The bed is still usable as a bed, having been coated with a spray-in bed liner material, so no worries about beating up some beautifully polished dance floor, and the running boards have been coated with the same stuff for durability's sake. A single Dodge taillight is how these came from the factory and that's how it remains today and both headlights are protected by a set of brush guards that look butch. In addition to the heavy-duty 10,000 PTO winch on the front bumper, which is the Power Wagon's most iconic feature (fully functional, by the way), it's also equipped with a trailer brake controller and a removable hitch (not shown).
The interior has been sensibly upgraded over the bare-bones Power Wagon factory spec. Most notably, the bench seat is now covered in durable gray fabric, which is a lot more comfortable than the original vinyl. The floors are covered with recent rubber mats and additional sound-deadening materials underneath, so this passenger compartment is a little better protected from heat and noise than most Power Wagons. The original gauges are in good order, although the factory fuel gauge and ammeter are disconnected, replaced by modern dials in the center of the dash and necessitated by an upgrade to a 12 volt electrical system. Other upgrades include a neat two-axis cup holder that's a good idea in a vehicle that can go where the Power Wagon can, as well as a fan above the windshield that actually makes quite a bit of difference on hot days. All the other controls are as the factory intended and there's an accessory Mopar heater under the dash that's fully functional, too. A manual throttle controls is there to manage any accessory PTO components that you might use with your Power Wagon.
It's easy to underestimate the Power Wagon's 230 cubic inch inline-six, but it was built on its own assembly line and is designed to be the most reliable machine this side of an anvil. It'll take you to remote places and back again without a second thought and with the myriad of add-on equipment and options for the Power Wagons, ranging from tow truck rigs to sawmills, it was designed to run stationary for hours on end. It's also deceptively smooth for a truck engine, with a precise-sounding mechanical soundtrack that's pleasing to the ear. Thanks to a lot of recent work that includes fresh ignition system components and carburetor parts, it starts and runs very well without getting cranky. The block is dressed neatly in black with no signs of trouble, and while it isn't detailed for show, it's functional and nicely finished. It's backed by a 4-speed manual transmission and a 2-speed transfer case with a 1.96:1 reduction ratio for really slow going. First gear is ultra-low, so you don't really need it, and once you're in fourth it'll crawl down to about 7 MPH and thanks to “high speed” gears in the axles, it cruises happily at 45 MPH. Brakes are manual drums at all four corners, and this is a very big truck, so plan your stops accordingly but pedal action is reassuringly smooth and firm. We haven't ventured off-road with this struck, but all the 4-wheel-drive equipment appears intact and functional and the same goes for the PTO winch up front. Recent Goodyear tires give it the right look and are fitted to five original Budd steel wheels with lock rings.
If you like the look and enjoy the utility it offers, this is a fantastic Power Wagon that's ready to enjoy.
For more details and photos, please visit
Price: $49,900 negotiable.
Contact Info: Send email to or give us a call on 440-565-5335
CC001538 ~ 032217

Model = Dodge Royal  4 door  V8
Year = 1954
Description of Vehicle = All standard 1954 Dodge Royal equipment, plus 274 CID V-8 "Hemi engine which has been completely gone over to factory specs.  Automatic trans. leather interior, radio rebuilt, and all dash works like factory with new original wiring from the factory, heater, dual exhausts, dual mirrors, full wheel covers. New alternator, master cylinder, tibars and rear seals, Yellow & white leather interior, new tires. Well restored a combination of superior restoration and excellent original.  Also, an extremely well-maintained original showing very minimal wear. When the car was manufactured, it was a made to order car. There was no V-8 royal 4 door made with a 274 hemi. engine.
Price = $ 27,600.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at  or call me at 440-257-4782 after 6pm
CC001530 ~ 072316

Model = TD
Year = 1952
Description of Vehicle = 1952 MG TD
ENGINE/DRIVE TRAIN: Original 1250 liter inline 4-cyl, Dual SU 1-bbl side draft carburetors. Four speed manually shifted gear box. 
 INTERIOR: Tan bucket seats Four-speed manual shifter. Gauges include:  speedometer, tachometer, oil Pressure, ammeter, and water temp. Electric wipers, MG Car Co. scripted door-entry scuff plates, EXTERIOR: Stunning Red paint Fold-down front windshield w/dual Wind wings, Dual Fog Lights, Dual side mount mirrors and turn signals, Rear mounted spare, Rear license plate light. Steel wheels w/dog dish hubcaps with MG centers w/155/R/15 radial tires. Additional pictures available.
Price = $ 24,000.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at -
CC001537 ~ 101716

Model = Club Cabriolet
Year = 1937
Description of Vehicle = 350 Chevrolet engine, automatic, Mazda blaze red with black removable top,  too much to list.
Price = $ 35,000.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-942-6832 or 440-221-5513 or E-mail me at
CC001535 - 091716

Model = SS Camaro
Year = 2000
Description of Vehicle = I Factory special ordered, Always garage kept, never in salt. T-Top removable roof panels, SS performance package, Rear Defogger, Factory Monsoon 500 Watt Premium sound radio w/CD. Auto Trans w/overdrive. 6 way driver seat. Exterior color is Onyx Black, interior Ebony cloth. Borla Stainless and SLP 'Y' pipe. Miles 61042.LS1 factory 325HP. Pennsylvania inspected thru 5/17.
Price = $ 8,999.00 Firm - Major Price Reduction!
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call me at 814-336-9369
CC001523 ~ 052116

Model = Mullens
Year = ?
Description = Barn find Mullens Trailer is New and has been sitting in a barn for 15 years. It has a factory frame and axle, and the Gel Coat needs to be finished.
Quantity = 1 (one)
Price = $1,200.00
Contact Info = Please call 440-946-2905
CC001536 ~ 091016

Model = 210
Year = 1956
Description of Vehicle = This is a very sound, great Kansas car, ready to drive anywhere. A MUST see car to confirm the asking price. Photos to your cell phone on your request.  Get this one before it's GONE.
Price = $ 12,500.00 Firm
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-263-6356 or E-mail me at
CC001534 ~ 082416

Model = Coupe
Year = 1952
Description of Vehicle = 2 door, 350/350, Nova clip, aluminum radiator, 9 inch rear, power disc brakes,  power steering, air conditioning, new battery, Tank, Tires & Wheels
Price = $ 21,500.00 -- make offer
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call me at 937-515-1422 or 937-408-2225
CC001533 ~ 081816

Model = Ranger XLT
Year = 1988
Description of Vehicle = Pick Up, 2.9 V-6, automatic with o/d, 56,6xx original miles, AM/FM cassette, A/C, cruise control, it all works, original condition as from 1988.
Price = $ 6,500.00 Negotiable
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-974-1427
CC001532 ~ 081216

Model = Camaro SS/RS
Year = 2010
Description of Vehicle = Rare 2010 fully loaded Aqua BLUE SS/RS CAMARO. 6.2L, 6sp. manual transmission w/13,029 miles. Sunday driver, never driven in rain and always covered in garage. Car is located Frederick MD.
Price = $ 29,000.00 or best offer
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call 301-440-5839
CC001531 ~ 080116

Model = Roadster
Year = 1927
Description of Vehicle = NEW NHRA certified 8:50. New tires front and rear, new belts, ready to run. 9:30's 140mph, 126 60ft.
Price = $ 14,500.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or
call Ron at 814-908-0022
CC001529 ~ 072316

Model = Corvette Stingray
Year = 1974
Description of Vehicle = Rebuilt 350, Automatic w/3500 Stall Converter, T-Tops, headers w/stainless exhaust, posi-traction, new rear struts and mounts, new rear leaf spring and mounts, 4 new Gabriel shocks, 4 new Cooper Cobra GT tires, new gas tank, starter and disc brakes. PS/PB Tilt/Tele steering. Clean PA title. No trades. Below book value.  Bank to bank transfer or cash only.
Price = $ 10,500.00 Or Best Offer - Major Price Reduction!
Contact Info = Please call me at 814-440-1425
CC001526 ~ 061016

Model = CT50
Year = 2012
Description of Vehicle = 2012 Suzuki C50T Boulevard---runs, performs, and looks, like new---139 actual miles Bike is black & maroon---beautiful color combo---stands out in the crowd---Bike is immaculate NEW with 139 actual miles---72 year old man with bad knees must sell---has optional driving light bar $700 value and halogen spots mounted on crash bars and custom LED lights throughout engine and frame with remote control of various lighting patterns. Bike is smooth and very powerful for 805cc for 2up riding.
ENGINE = Displacement (cc): 805, Engine Type: V Twin, Cylinders: 2, Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke, Valve Configuration: SOHC, Carburetion Type: Fuel Injected
TRANSMISSION = Transmission Type: Manual, Number of Speeds: 5, Primary Drive System: Shaft
BRAKES = Front Brakes: Hydraulic Disc, Rear Brakes: Drum
TIRES = Front Tire(s): 130/90 R16M/C 67H, Rear Tire(s): 170/80 R15M/C 77H
SPECIFICATIONS = Wheelbase (in / mm): 65.2 / 1655, Dry Weight (lbs / kg): N/A, Fuel Capacity (gal / L): 4.1 / 15.5, Seat Height (in / mm): 27.6 / 700, Number of Seats: 2
FEATURES = Tachometer: Not Available, Digital Instrumentation: Standard, Windshield: Standard
This same bike new today $9885 + tax + prep.
Price = $ 7,300.00 or best offer
Contact Info = Please call Ron at 440-669-4745 or E-mail Ron at
CC001527 ~ 070116

Model = Fiero Coupe
Year = 1984
Description of Vehicle = 2.5 Liter L4 engine, LR8, 4 speed, Power disc brakes all around, Tach & IP gage cluster, bucket seats, power windows, AC, AM/FM Cassette Radio, Luggage carrier, reclining bucket seats, estimated 27 mpg, 105,000 miles. Runs and looks fantastic  (Clean, clean, clean) Garaged for the  life of car. (Rarely if ever saw snow)
Price = $ 3,200.00 Or Best Offer Major Price Reduction!
Contact Info = Please call John at 216-704-4241
CC001508 ~ 092215

Model = Ford Deluxe business coupe
Year = 1939
Description of Vehicle = Frame off restoration 19yrs ago. mustang II 11" corvette disc on front. Dana 60-4-10 posi. 406 small block, 700r4 trans,4 link, all steel body-Interior done by Portage trim. Any questions, please contact me.
Price = $ 45,500.00 will consider partial trade.
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call me at 440-477-3909
CC001521 ~ 041716

Model = 98 Deluxe
Year = 1950
Description of Vehicle = Deluxe 98 Holiday 2 door hardtop, 324 cubic inch, automatic, visor, skirts, power windows, extra parts, black with green interior. Located in Northeast Ohio
Price = $ 9,000.00 Firm
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call James Havel at 440-417-3556
CC001519 ~ 032216

Model = 3100 Pickup
Year = 1949
Description of Vehicle = 1949 Chevy Pickup, Frame off, 292 Chevy 6 cylinder, Dual Carbs, Split Exhaust  Manifold, Ford 9 inch with 3.50 gear, 4 Wheel Power disc brakes,700-R4 Transmission, Fat Man front end with Power Steering, TCI 4 Link Rear Suspension, Heat & Air, Has 9,000 miles on it and has won First in class in the 2015 Piston Power show.
Price = $ 42,500.00
Contact Info = Please call Keith at 440-935-8491
CC001518 ~ 031016

Model = 2 door coupe
Year = 1948
Description of Vehicle = 2 door, engine is stuck, car will make a good rat rod or street rod, color is black
Price = $ 2050.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 812-523-1051
CC001516 ~ 011116

Model = Catalina
Year = 1963
Description of Vehicle = Offered for sale is a two owner 1963 Pontiac Catalina convertible with 72,000 original miles from Pontiac's hey day of factory sponsored racing. The car was ordered with performance in mind. It has it's original 389 Tri-Power motor, automatic transmission, Safe-T-Track rear end (limited slip), dual exhausts and 8 lug aluminum wheels. This car has a solid body with original sheet metal and one quality re spray in pearl white (originally a Grenadier red, code V car) and retains its original ivory (code 1) fabric top. The original exterior chrome / stainless steel trim and weather-stripping is in very good shape. Complementing the exterior is the original fawn vinyl bench seat interior. The interior is in very good condition (no dash cracks, seat rips, etc.) or odors.
FACTORY OPTIONS; 389 Tri-Power, Safe-T-Track, Aluminum wheels, Option group 61 (Radio, pushbutton & Manual Ant, Custom foam cushion  front seat, Windshield Washer and Two Speed Wipers, Heavy Duty Air Cleaner (standard with tri-power), Inside Non-Glare Tilt Mirror, Back up lamps) and  Seat belts, front pair. Included with the car is excellent providence including Pontiac Historical Services (PHS) documentation along with original owner's manual, Owner Protection Plan booklet, Convertible top booklet, warranty, card, sales brochure, body tag and original title.
Price = $ 18,500.00 negotiable, Major Price Drop, Check this ride out!
Contact Info = Please call Steve at 216-402-4528 or E-mail him at
CC001472 ~ 071514

Model = Monza Spyder Pro Street
Year = 1978
Description of vehicle = Less than 20,000 original miles. Pro-Streeted in 1992. Always garage kept: never in snow. Bell Supertech front spindles, Ford Motorsports Trac-Loc Posi spline, Art Morrison 4 Link, Tube type drive shaft safety loop, Koni coil-over shocks, Custom S & W frame rails, 12 point roll-cage, Competition Engineering wheelie bars, Aluminum panels from seats to rear, Steel gas tank, Crager 15 x 14 x 5 1/2 back-space rear wheels with M/T 19.5 x 33 x 15 Pro Sportsman tires with tubes, Crager 15 x 5 front wheels with 7.30 x 26 x 15 8 ply M/T tires, Forged steel crank-shaft, Manley 10 to 1 pistons, Edelbrock Performer RPM cam & kit, Aluminum heads, intake manifold, Holley 750 Carb, Muncie M-21 4 speed, Auto-meter gauges.1970 Chevy 350 bored to 355 C.l. Muncle M-2L 4 speed transmission. Ford 9 inch rear end W 4.86: Richmond Gears. Extra custom painted hood w/ scoop. All Pro-Street work done by Steve Roth Race Cars, Custom Paint by Dave Zang. Graphics by Bill Valek Designs. Call for more information.
Price = 28,500.00
Contact Info = Please call Jim at 724-744-6061
CC001515 ~ 121415

Model = Cutlass 2 door
Year = 1972
Description of vehicle = Hardtop, Rocket 350 with 350 turbo trans, power steering ,disc brakes, aftermarket am/fm/cassette. This car was purchased new in spring of 1972 by my father and primarily only driven by my mom until 1985 when I bought it from her when she got a new car. I am the only one that has ever  worked on the car since it came out of the showroom. It had a frame on restoration in 1991 with a complete base coat/ clear coat repaint ( all old paint was stripped off ).The car has been in storage for 7 years and will get a complete detail before delivery.
Asking $ 13,750.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-487-6824
CC001514 ~ 112915


Model = Coronet R/T
Year = 1967
Description of Vehicle = Everything on the body has been replaced except the roof and the passenger door. The paint and body work was done by ( Huffman Auto Body ) .The motor was done by ( Kremm Speed Equipment ) It dynoed 500 H. P. and 530 F. P. T. at 1500 feet above sea level. The power from the motor is controlled with an 11 inch clutch and the Hemi 4 speed is shifted by Hurst. The interior was done by G&M Upholstery. The firewall and aluminum fan shroud was all done by hand by me except for the paint on the fire wall.
The Hemi 4 speed is hooked to the heavy 8 ¾” with positraction and 3.73 gears. The only items stock in the motor are the rods and the crank. It has Brodix BI Aluminum Heads, Jigs Aluminum Pistons, KSE508H Custom cam, CC-822 Chrysler hydraulic lifters with MTN-102 Series #1 3/8” push rods, Crane Roller-Rockers, an Edelbrock H.P. water pump, Edelbrock Intake with 2 Edelbrock 600 CFM Carburetors and Kromer Kraft Headers. The oil is held in place with a Milodon oil pan and all is kept cool with the help of an Aluminum Radiator by Griffan. All of the electrical components are located in the glove compartment. You can take out 3 screws and pull out the fuse panel, set it on the glove compartment door, and work on it right there. The battery is hidden. The stock 2 door body is steel and covered with PPG Basecoat Clearcoat and the bumpers are done by Show Chrome. Stopping this ride is handled by Disc brakes in the front with Drum brakes on the rear. I purchased American Racing Torque Thrust Polished Aluminum Wheels for the Car, but they had no center caps for Mopars, so being a Tool & Die Maker, I ground the name off the center caps, then set them up on a CNC machining Center and milled the R/T into the center caps.
In 2003 I took the car to the Chrysler Classic Events ( I MCG Points Series ) where it won the 1966-67 B-Body Modified Class Champion. We have owned the 67 since 1997 and enjoy going to Cruise In’s and Car Shows where it has won over 40 trophies and Accolades.
Please view as a Featured Car at
Price = $ 69,900.00
Contact Info = Please call Lee at 814-382-7716 or E-mail at
CC001513 ~ 112115

Year = 1975
Model = Caprice Convertible
Description of Vehicle = All original, 2nd owner, 68,000 original miles, celery green with white top (new 5 years ago) and interior. 350 Engine with Automatic transmission. Serious inquiries only!
Price = $ 14,000.00
Contact Info = Please call Jack Wright at 814-683-5433 between 8am and 9pm.
CC001511 ~ 101315

Year = 1950
Model = Fastback
Description of Vehicle = bumpers, grill and back-up lights all re-chromed. Original 303 cubic inch engine with automatic transmission. Black, clean, NO RUST. Newer interior, chrome modeling on inside around windows. All original mechanics. Serious inquiries only!
Price = $ 22,500.00
Contact Info = Please call Jack Wright at 814-683-5433 between 8am and 9pm.
CC001510 ~ 101315

Model = Thunderbird
Year = 1957
Description of Vehicle = Convertible, (3 tops) 312, auto, red, new mufflers, 12 cd disc player, Kelsey wire wheels, power brakes, steering & seat
Price = $ 37,000.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail Sue Miller at or call 304 539-1536
CC001509 ~ 093015 

Model = Regal Turbo Limited T-Type
Year = 1987
Description of Vehicle = 3.8 Turbo, white with grey leather interior, only 45,000 miles. This car is like new and was a Project Car by the Buick Division of General Motors. There were only 1,035 of these built by General Motors. The Value could very likely increase in time. Located in Eastlake, Ohio.
Price = $ 15,000.00
Contact Info = Please call Joe at 440-942-1439
CC001506 ~ 082515

Mercedes Benz
Model = 380 SL Roadster
Year = 1982
Description = 15,963 Original miles, Manila Beige, Brown leather, 2 tops, Ice cold A/C, Dual roller timing chain upgrade, Well maintained, Collector owned, All paperwork, Best anywhere
Price = $ 29,900.00 Major Price Reduction!
Contact = Joe at 216-990-8207 or E-mail me at
CC001469 ~ 070214

Model = Imperial
Year = 1964
Description of Vehicle = 4 door beige, Interior is excellent, Needs tires and minor repairs, Push Button Automatic Transmission, V-8, Located in Northwest Pennsylvania
Price = $ 3,800.00 Check this out, A Major price reduction
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call 412-915-8678
CC001491 ~ 101914

Model = Cutlass Holiday Coupe
Year = 1971
Description of Vehicle = 2 Door Holiday Coupe with 350 Rocket and upgrades. Automatic, re-painted with factory Bitterwsweet (added metalic) color around 10 years ago. Purchased brand new, Cragers with tires from Summit Racing. Car is over 40 years old, but needs nothing in order to drive and enjoy this summer. Just have too many other vehicles!
Price = $ 10,750.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call Shawn at 440-563-1879
CC001496 ~ 040815

Model = Ranchero
Year = 1967
Description of Vehicle = 1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero ground up restoration, this was a 6 cylinder 3 speed car and was cloned to a 390 cubic inch V-8 with a C-6 automatic, less than 1000 miles on restoration
Price = $ 17,500.00 Negotiable or make an offer
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call Rich at 440-759-4016
CC001494 ~ 030715

Year = 1991
Model = Allante
Description of Vehicle = 1991 Cadillac Allante convertible. Special paint, chrome rims, black convertible top. Garage stored it's entire life. Needs battery due to my father having alzheimers disease. He is in an assisted living quarters and my mother is now ready to sell it. Serious inquires only. Pictures can be provided.
Price = $ 20,000.00 negotiable
Contact Info = Please contact me at 256-347-0714 or E-mail me at
CC001492 ~ 012315

Model = Skylark
Year = 1972
Description of Vehicle = Original clean title, extra bumpers from California. Original Buick 350 engine, transmission and rear-end. Willing to sell complete or part it out.
Price = $ 700.00 or trade for 81-87 Buick Regal body and chassis
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call 412-559-0915
CL001251 ~ 110814 ~ CC & CL

Model = Riviera
Year = 1968
Description of Vehicle = Beautiful luxury muscle car. Loaded with all options. 430 V-8 with 74,000 miles. Show quality paint, midnight teal, with black show room interior. Purchased from a museum. New tires, ball joints and shocks. Floats down the road!
Price = $ 20,000.00 / negotiable
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call at 440-476-5105
CC001490 ~ 101314

Model = Deluxe
Year = 1941
Description of Vehicle = 4 door (Suicide Doors), Straight 6 engine. An older restoration and well cared for. A beautiful eye catching car that everyone stops to ask you about especially the vintage bug deflector. Paint is in excellent condition, drives and handles well, a great cruiser.
Price = $ 10,500.00 /negotiable
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call 440-862 2307
CC001489 ~ 100314

Model = Riviera
Year = 1991
Description of Vehicle = Hey Car-guys, Please review my pictures so that you will see one of the finest original un-restored Rivera’s.  There is not a defect on any portion of the car.  It has outstanding original paint, show chrome, stainless, glass, and interior.  It is a fully optioned car.  From an appearance viewpoint, it looks as if it has never seen rain or snow.
Price = $ 14,200.00 Negotiable
Contact Info = Please call Bill at 216-554-2801 after 12pm. All messages will be returned.
CC001486 ~ 090314

Model = Panel truck
Year = 1959
Description of Vehicle = Truck has Camaro front clip. It has 350 motor, 350 transmission and 10 bolt Chevy rear end. New exhaust from headers to back. Has new tires. Has heat no A/C. Just installed bubble insulation installed on floor and side walls. Removed wiring from firewall and installed in side of truck. Installed stainless steel on firewall. New radio and speakers.
Price = $ 19,500.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at
CC001477 ~ 072214

Model = Ford Cabriolet
Year = 1937
Description of Vehicle = Gibbons body. 9" Ford rearend--350 engine, 350transmission, air, heat,  cruize. Two much to list.
Price = $ 37,000.00
Contact Info = Please call either 440-942-6832 or 440-221-5513 or E-mail
CC001476 ~ 072214

Model = F150 XLT Supercab Pick Up
Year = 2001
Description of Vehicle = 5.4 V8 Triton motor, Approx 160K miles, Automatic transmission, Power windows and locks, AM/FM stereo with CD player, A/C blows ice cold, Cruise control, Tilt wheel, Sliding rear window, Newer master cylinder, New off road tires, Dual exhaust, Leer truck cap, Bed-liner, Paint nice and glossy. Garage kept, No cracks in glass, Cloth interior with no rips or tears in seats. Comes from a kid, pet and smoke free home, Towing package, Clear Ohio title,  Valid E-check (which I will give you so you can get your plates and not have to go to get it tested), Adult owned since new, 2 sets of Ford keys with remotes, If your looking for a overall clean, well maintained, adult owned truck; I recommend you take a look at this one. If you are looking to purchase after the banks and title bureau is closed; I have access to a Notary who can notarize the title. I will also pay the Notary\'s fee. Special price til 7/31 $5,700 obo which is below kbb private party book value. After that I am putting it in storage til the Fall and will repost at a higher price (when 4wd trucks are in demand) and will not come down to this price so if your looking for a clean, 4wd truck, this one is priced to sell! May trade for an \'03 or newer Chevy Trailblazer or GMC Envoy. Must have leather and moon roof, valid E-check and mileage under 165K or a \'02 or newer 2wd Ford F150 XLT Super-cab with a 5.4 Triton V8, automatic transmission, valid E-check and mileage under 165K. Not interested in any other trades. Serious callers only.
Price = $ 5,700.00
Contact Info = Please call or text Mike at 440-724-9320
CC001471 ~ 071314

Model = Camaro RS Coupe
Year = 1991
Description = V-8 automatic. 56K original miles. One owner. Bright red, body restored 2yrs. ago. Custom factory interior. 16in.wheels.
Price = $ 10,500.00
Contact = Please call my home at 440-257-4201 or my cell at 440-364-5509
CC001466 ~ 060414

Model = Nova Custom Hardtop
Year = 1974
Description = 74 chevy nova custom 2 door. Repainted about a year ago in a mint metal flake green. Not a professional job but looks real good. Unable to put chrome trim back on so that needs done. Have a lot of the chrome some will need replaced. 454 bored .060 over with 427 heads and crank. 438 cu. in. Motor has 25-30 hours of run time and 5 miles of drive time. Turbo 400 trans with Manuel value body. EVERYTHING has been replaced new in motor and trans. Also have front rotors,pads, bearings and rear drums and shoes just need put on. Powder coated hooker headers, MSD ignition. Fiberglass hood with 9 in. hardwood scoop. Full gauges. This car looks and runs great.Needs a top post battery and exhaust.
Price = $ 8,000.00 or best offer
Contact = Please E-mail me at or call or text 330-360-1320
CC001465 ~ 060414

Model = Z-28 Camaro Hardtop
Year = 1979
Description = 1979 Camaro Z28, 350cid, Auto, 68K Miles, car has been painted, new interior.  Stored in TX for years.
Price = $ 10,900.00 or best offer
Contact = Please E-mail me at or call 419-467-0602
CC001463 ~ 052014

Model = 2 door coupe
Year = 1955
Description = Sedan, has 1987 state-police diplomat sub-318 motor-with 360 high pro heads, 727 trans high speed rear, have everthing but front w/shield--- very very rare car-- pretty solid
Price = $ 3,750.00
Contact = Please call Tom in VA at 540-980-0237
CC001461 ~ 051714

Model = Corvette Convertible
Year = 1960
Description = 1960 Corvette, matching numbers, 283, convertible, 4 Speed, completely restored, beautiful car! Hate to sell but building a new house . . .
Price = $ 75,000.00
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001460 ~ 051214

Description = 1952 model 98
Description = 1953 model 88
Description = Four door sedans vandalized, clean titles, dry storage for decades. The 1953 ran well until radiator stolen! Most stainless trim strips for a 1953 98 four door. You are buyig it all in one package, you extract and haul.
Price = $ 1,500.00 or negotiable
Contact = Please E-mail me at or call 724-339-8868 & leave message
CC001459 ~ 040514

Model = Avanti Coupe
Year = 1963
Description = 1963 Avanti. Avanti Red, Fawn-Black interior. R1 Automatic with Factory Air conditioning. Frame Off restoration in 2008 on an complete original car. First place in Lancaster, Pa. Studebaker meet, 2008. Currently 66,500 original miles. Show or Drive this Stunning Avanti.
Price = $ 38,500.00
Contact = Please E-mail me at or call 724-493-3196
CC001456 ~ 042014

Model = Delta 88 4 door
Year = 1981
Description = Has 307, automatic, posi rear, 51,000 original miles, I drive it daily, has no issues, all original, Please leave your number so I can send pics. This car has no rust.
Price = $ 4,500.00 or will trade for Subaru in same condition
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001455 ~ 040714

Model = Deluxe 2 Door Sedan
Year = 1939
Description = 327 sbc, 4 speed, 8 inch ford, A/C, Heat, Dropped axle, all Chassis Engineering suspension, disc brakes on front, Yellow with Blue flames, proven driver, pictures in Big Als featured cars. Click on
Price = $ 21,000.00 Or Best Offer
Contact = Please call me at 330-718-2109
CC001454 ~ 032914

Model = 4 Door Sedan Slant-back
Year = 1935
Description of Vehicle = Complete car, rusted out rocker panels and floors, rest of body decent,  6 cylinder, floor shift, have new (uninstalled) rockers, dog legs, rubber covered running boards and new chrome windshield frame. Plus, have available a complete Mustang II front end for this car for an additional $ 1,800.00. I do not want any trades!
Price = $ 4,250.00 without Mustang II frontend or
Price = $ 6,050.00 with the Mustang II front end
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at
CC001225 ~ 070412

Model = Coupe
Year = 1983
Description of Vehicle = V-12 XJS, good body and paint--not running needs tune up, Turbo 400 Transmission
Price = $ 1,250.00 If you are looking for a bargain, here it is!
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at
CC001215 ~ 062112

Model = Sedan Street rod
Year = 1927
Description = All steel, Chevy 350 V-8 Turbo 400 trans, Jac ID Suspension, Ron Francis wiring, Stainless Floors, Leather Top, Windshields cranks up 4 inches, Featured in Rod Action Magazine. Call for more information. This is a Trophy Winner.
Price = $ 29,500.00
Contact = Please call me at 570-351-1274
CC001452 ~ 032014

Harley Davidson
Model = Ultra Classic
Year = 2001
Description = 33,000 miles, front and rear air suspension, cruise control, lots of chrome, new battery and tires last year
Price = $ 11,000.00
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001450 ~ 031014

Model = Convertible Custom Made
Year 1993
Description = One fast custom made convertible, built street pump gas 383 Chevy stoker way too much done to list her, all chromed out, Hooker exhaust, BM th400 trans, 9 inch posi, body lowered, cloth sets, hd spindles & axles, 15x7 mags TA radials and the list goes on
Price = $ 20,000.00
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001448 ~ 031014

Model = Nova SS 454 Hardtop
Year = 1971
Description = Sharp show/street car with only 700 miles, custom paint, street legal car, built roller cammed 454 pump gas all forged internal, JE pistons, ported sq port heads and intake, MSDS, march serpentine pulleys, Coated headers 2.5 exhaust, Moser 9 inch 31 spline axle, posi 355, disc brakes buckets, gauges, SS braided lines, chrome & billet, Weld rims, radial ties plus way more pro built stored over 60K invested C7 vet trades, converts, Viper, LXR high-end street auto loaded mint worth 40k+
Price = $ 37,000.00
Contact = Please call me at 847-322-5484 or E-mail me at
CC001447 ~ 031014

Model = Coupe
Year = 1950
Description = 1950 Ford, 68 Corvette rear bumpers, have back glass, flip nose
Chopped, all the hard work is done, price is firm
Price = $ 2,950.00
Contact = Please E-mail me at or call me at 617-466-2296
CC001446 ~ 030114

Model = Valiant 100
Year = 1969
Description = 1969 Plymouth Valiant 100...4 door straight 6 factory air conditioning. Manual steering and brakes. No holes in floors. Tires are like new, this was in a barn for 20 or more years . New volt regulator, new alternator, new rear wheel cylinders. Interior is rough .nice shape for its age! You can hop in it today and drive it where ever you want. $2000.00 firm...not interested in trades or offers or what you think it's worth, Serious inquiries only 330-948-two 5 6 seven located in Lodi Ohio
Price = $ 2,000.00
Contact = Please call me at 330-948-2567
CC0011445 ~ 030114

Model = Spitfire Convertible
Year = 1968
Description = 1968 Triumph Spitfire MK III that was put together in the early 70's This car has been gone through and ready for a new owner There is no rust or rot on this car and new tires, top and many new parts. Racing season is near and this is the best price around. It has new paint, a new top, and I have to much money into this car to let it go for a lower price, so please don’t ask. If you have something to trade, send photos and information. You can hear it run on U-Tube.
Price = $ 6,300.00
Contact = Please call me at 617-466-2296
CC001444 ~ 022714

Model = Olson Step Van
Year = 1997
Description of Vehicle = one nice van -prior life was baltimore county maryland library transport van-easy life -always maintained-new tires new pa inspection all aluminum body -no body damage-190k mile-350 chev  engine-runs super
Price = $ 3,995.00
Contact = Please call me at 814-674- 8143
CC001440 ~ 010214

Model = Sedan Deville 4 Door
Year = 1978
Description of Vehicle = One sharp sdn dville sea mist green/dark green vinyl top-no rust -120k miles-160 miles in the last 7 years-new inspections {{pa}}-new tires-drive anywhere.
Price = $ 2,950.00
Contact = Please call me at 814-674- 8143
CC001439 ~ 010214

Model = Zephyr Hardtop
Year = 1980
Description = 1980 Mercury Zephyr One of a Kind Custom Lead Sled. Chopped Top , Continental Kit. Hot Rod. New brakes ,rotor ,calipers, hoses, steel lines, and rear wheel cylinders. New Rebuilt transmission, New Radiator & Thermostat. also new Heater Core. New Rebuilt Carburetor & New Fuel Pump, New Fuel Lines, New Gas Tank & Straps! New Power Steering pump New Inner & Outer Tie Rods. New Tires. New Control module , Ignition Coil, Voltage Regulator, Cap , Rotor , Plugs, Wires And Battery. New Complete Dual Exhaust System. And More the car has been gone thru from top to bottom.
Price = $ 7,995.00 Or Best Offer
Price = $ 8,500.00 Or Best Offer
Contact = Please E-mail me at or call Ray at 352-666-0598
CC001437 ~ 120213

Harley Davidson
Model = Sportster 1000 Ironhead
Year = 1981
Description = Sportster 1000, original paint (black/gold pin) Manley valves, springs. ported heads pb/pb+, cams.  progessive suspension, new tires. 61,000 miles.
Price = Looking for the Best Offer
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001435 ~ 120213

Model = Coupe
Year = 2005
Description = 2005 bone stock except radio have factory radio as well 2,900 miles
Price = $ 32,000.00
Contact = Please call me at 330-458-9167
CC001434 ~ 120213

Model = Trans Am Turbo Coupe
Year = 1980
Description = low mileage, ps/pb, air, 301 V8 turbo, rare fiero bronze color, tan interior, ws6 suspension, rear window louvers, custom pin striping, goodyear gator back tires, stored, never abused, alpine stereo, alarm system, one owner car
Price = $ 13,500.00 / negotiable
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001433 ~ 112813

Model = C-10 Stepside
Ear = 1979
Description = Total restoration over 40k invested. Best of everything Flaming River Rack and pinion and tilt column, SSBC 4 wheel disc brakes, Vintage Air A/C, Pype polished stainless steel exhaust, 700-R trans, Rebuilt 350, much more Was asking 22,500 reduced to 17,500 obo. Would like to get rid of before I store it
Price = $ 17,500.00 or best offer
Contact = Please call me at 440-364-1115
CC001432 ~ 111913

Model = Belair Coupe
Tear = 1957
Description = 2-door Hard-top. 327 c.i., M-21 4spd. 373 posi rear-end. P.S. P.B. Front wheel disc. Hydraulic clutch, tilt wheel, Matador Red with Red & Black interior. Beautiful car that runs and drives like new.
Price = $ 36,000.00 or Best Offer
Contact = Dillon’s cell at 440-413-1692 or Ed  at 440-413-1559
CC001424 ~ 102713

Model = 11198
Year = 2009
Description = Sport Bike, EVR slipper clutch, Termignoni Exhaust, New PA Inspection, Super Clean, Immaculate Condition.
Price = $ 10,900.00
Contact = Please call me at 724-484-7619
CC001423 ~ 102313

Model = Fleetline 4 Door
Year = 1950
Description = All numbers match and are original to this vehicle. 30,000 original miles on the straight 6, 216 CI with 3 on the column. Original interior, a very solid car. The mechanicals have been gone over, tune up, oil, fresh master and wheel cylinders, new brake lines and brake shoes. the car runs and drives great. Pictures sent upon request
Price = $ 8,500.00 or best offer or Trade?
Contact = Please call me at 330-307-4095 or E-mail me at
CC001421 ~ 102013

Model = Coronet Hardtop
Year = 1966
Description = Coronet 440 high performance engine, new interior, black, many other updates.
Price = $ 7,500.00 or possible trades
Contact = Please call me at 440-465-8795 or E-mail me at
CC001420 ~ 101013

Grand National
Model = Sedan
Year = 1987
Description = Turbo V6, Automatic, Black. 116,000 miles.  The web site would not let me upload a picture. I can email to you if interested.
Price = $ 15,000.00
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001419 ~ 100913

Model = Mustang Coupe
Year = 1966
Description = Dark Green Metallic Exterior /Parchment Interior, 298 V-8 w/4BBL, Dual Exhaust, Automatic, PS, PB, Custom Audio Sound, Hump Hugger Console, Aluminum Wheels,
Price = $10,500.00 Negotiable
Contact = Please E-Mail Bill at or phone 440-220-0730
CC001417 ~ 100513

Model = F-1 Pick Up
Year = 1947
Description = 1947 ford pickup.  Orig flathead v8 4 speed.  Arizona truck, Super clean through.  Painted and new interior about 15 yrs. ago.  Been in storage ever since. You won\'t find a cleaner non-restored truck. Runs and drives great!!
Price = $ 15,000.00
Contact = Please call me at 440-667-5151
CC001415 ~ 092213

Model = 150
Year = 1955
Description of Vehicle = Red, Frame Up Restoration, After-market dash gauge cluster, AM/FM Radio with Cassette, 350 cubic inch engine, 350 Turbo automatic transmission, 3:08 rear-end, Tilt Wheel with one of a kind steering wheel, Disc brakes in front, Very well done interior, power Steering, Power Brakes, Weld Racing Wheels
Price = $ 33,000.00
Contact Info = Please call George at 216-291-8181
CC001312 ~ 121512

Click here to see extra pictures of this vehicle!

Model = Nova Coupe
Year = 1971
Description = Midnight Blue with a 350 Turbo Automatic, It runs Great! See more on this Wild Ride on Big Als List Featured Cars list were it was featured on October 2007. Click here to see more pictures with a description!
Price = $ 19,900.00
Contact = Please call me at 440-413-4994
CC001412 ~ 091113

Model = Bonneville
Year = 1991
Description = Good running 3800  motor. Looks nice. Needs rear brakes and battery. $795 cash and tow it home. Was a great car before it went into storage. Great work/parts car. Hurry!
Price = $ 795.00 or can separate?
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001411 ~ 091113

Model = El Camino
Year = 1970
Description = El Camino SS trim big block , 4speed , orange with black top , rally wheels , looks good, runs good
Price = $ 8,500.00 firm
Contact = Please E-mail me at or call me at 812-446-2612
CC001410 ~ 091113

Model = Catalina Coupe
Year = 1960
Description = 2-dr Catalina, matching numbers, 91,700 original miles. ordered new as listed, radio-delete, back-up light delete, power steering & power brakes delete, duals, posi-trac, tri-power carbs. Original from air cleaner to all 5 rims. car currently runs and drives great. have over $20-k in reciepts, have a fresh 428 HO on motor stand, new Richmond T-10, 4-speed, new hurst shifter, new Hays racing clutch pack, Nascar yokes & u-joints. new black on black tuck-n-roll interior. new carpet & headliner. i am retiring.$10,500 takes everything or i"ll crush it.
Price = $ 10,500.00 takes everything.
Contact = Please call 724-335-4962 after 6:pm
CC001409 ~ 091113

Model = Spirit Coupe
Year = 1981
Description = small block chevy, approx 450 hp, 4 speed, aluminum radiator, electric fan, line lock, 4800 lb zoom comp clutch, hurst comp plus shifter, ford 9 inch rearend narrowed by Moser, duel exhaust, fiberglass front fenders, suspension rebuilt, front disc brakes, large drum rear brakes, flat hood comes with car, body in good condition, no or text for pics
Price = $ 14,500.00 invested, will trade for '60's, '70's mopar
Contact = Please call me at 724-256-6076 between 10am and 9pm
CC001408 ~ 091113

Model = C10 Silverado Pickup
Year = 1986
Description = This is fully restored/frame off restoration C-10 pick up. It’s a regular cab/short bed with beautiful silver metallic paint.  I purchased the vehicle a few months back and only put 50 miles on the truck.  So the total of miles put on the truck since restoration is 1950 miles. The vehicle is registered as an antique and the mileage is exempt under Pennsylvania requirements.  The restoration was complete in Georgia and has been garage kept since.  No rust anywhere on the vehicle. The engine is a 454 big block bored out to 468 ci.  The truck runs smooth!!!  The truck has a 400 turbo transmission and a flow master exhaust system.  The interior is brand new and all gauges work on the vehicle. It is also equipped with a CD Player. There is also a spray in liner, You won\'t be disappointed.
Price = $ 17,500.00  Price is negotiable
Contact = Please E-mail me at or call me at 412-780-8791
CC001407 ~ 090213

Model = Convertible/hardtop-Autoform conversion Convertible
Year = 1983
Description = Z-28 Convertible. Rebuilt stock 305 cross-fire injection engine, four speed auto trans, Clean interior, perfect dash pad, seats excel. cond. but show some wear, no splits or tears. All tires excellent, susp. rebuilt, runs and drives excellent.
Price = $ 4,500.00 or offer
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001406 ~ 083013

Model = Barracuda 440-6 Hardtop
Year = 1970
Description = Numbers matching eng./trans., \'V\'code, 85Kmi., all rebuilt stock, runs and drives excellent, Cuda 440-6, has fender tag and door sticker,
Price = $ 59,000.00 or Offer.
Contact = Please E-mail me at
CC001405 ~ 083013

Model = Galaxie Hardtop
Year = 1961
Description = Survivor Car,  All original paint and interior and drive train. The car has a rare 390 engine with automatic transmission. Must See Car 
Price = $ 12,000.00 Or Best Offer
Contact = Please call Steve at 440-477-5286 or email at
CC0014044 ~ 083013

Model = Silverado HD
Year = 1986
Description = From Washinton state, 4x4, new tires, in excellent cond.
Price = $ 6,700.00
Contact = Please call Tony at 330-424-3415
CC001401 ~ 082513

Model = Tudor Sedan
Year = 1940
Description = White with Flames 350 c.i. Chevy with 350 auto trans. Power Windows, power front disc brakes & drum rear, Mustang 2 front suspension, Tilt wheel, Tinted glass, CD player with I Pod hook up & Power Antenna, New PA state Inspection. Can Send Photos
Price = Asking $ 21,500.00
Contact = Please call me at 717-464-0672 or Email me at
CC001400 ~ 081613

Model = LTDII Hardtop
Year = 1978
Description = 351W. with FMX Trans. Body is 80% needs fuel system and brakes to be on the street. I need to sell after accident. The car is rare. Many mistake it for T-bird. Must trades considered  
Price = $ 1,500.00 or best offer
Contact = Please call me at 440-579-5350
CC001397 ~ 081013

Model = RS Camaro Coupe
Year = 1970
Description = 1970 RS Camaro.350.Muncie 4-speed.373 posi rearend. The paint is base/clear silver with black stripes. True 1970 RS Camaro with correct one year only headrest bucket seats. Options are:;
Body: Rust Free, New GM Fenders, New GM Inner Fenders, True Split Bumper Camaro
Engine: SBC 350 (010 block), Weiand intake, 600 Holley, Chrome Holley Fuel Pump, Billet HEI,
Correct 70 Camaro dual snorkle air cleaner assembly, Correct original Z28 valve covers, Ceramic Headers, New factory correct Flowmaster exhaust, New starter, New alternator, New power steering pump and hose.
Tranny: Muncie 4-speed.less than 3,000 miles on rebuild, New shifter and handle, New clutch, bearing, etc.
Interior: New dash.150 speedo and 7,000 tach, Tilt Wheel, Console, New carpet, New Headliner,
New dashpad, New gauge housing/cluser, Converted oil gauge in cluster, New door seals, New door panels, New rear seat shelf panel, New seat covers
Exterior: New chrome front bumpers, grille, moldings, door handles, New windshield, Short spoiler, New park lights, turn signals, tail lights, Dual sport mirrors
Suspension: Factory correct steel wheels with 235 Cooper tires, Hotchkiss Front Lowering Springs, Hotchkiss Rear Lowering Leaf Springs, Belltech larger front sway bar, New shocks,
New brake
Price = $ 22,500.00
Contact = Please call me at 606-456-3677
CC001396 ~ 080313

Model = Monte Carlo SS Hardtop
Year = 1971
Description = Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. This is a factory 454 SS Monte Carlo! ONLY 1900 MADE. Car is a California car has original 454 factory motor. AC equipped, with 100k original miles. solid car!!! triple black and runs AWESOME they only made 1900 of these cars this year so its pretty rare! needs NOTHING just get in and DRIVE.
Price = $ 27,500.00 or make offer or trade
Contact = Please E-mail me at or call 330-373-1777 ask for Noll or Lee
CC001393 ~ 080313

Model = Skylark GS 400 Hardtop
Year = 1969
Description = Buick Skylark GS 400. This is a mint FULLY restored Buick GS 400. Car was a full frame off bare metal restore. ONLY 5 MILES ON THE CAR! and the car was done RIGHT! (no tubes socks and foam in the quarters here folks) all metal! rebuilt 400 motor, automatic, A/C and 12 bolt posi rear end. This is one pretty car.
Price = $ 33,000 Make Offer or TRADE
Contact = Please E-mail me at or me at 330-373-1777
CC001392 ~ 080313

Model = Camaro SS Yenko Hardtop
Year = 1968
Description = Chevrolet Camaro SS Yenko. This is a MINT clone of a Yenko 427 car. TRUE SS car, FULL RESTORATION down to bare metal, frame off, this car was done RIGHT Black on black car has a fully rebuilt 427 WITH NITROUS! 12 bolt posi rear end, T10 4 speed trans, roller cam, Crager rims. This car has maybe 10 miles on it since restoration, Mostly trailered and stored. Beauty of a car.
Price = $ 125,000.00 or make offer or trade
Contact = Please E-mail or call 330-373-1777, ask for noll or lee
CC001391 ~ 080313

Model = 60
Year = 1937
Description of Vehicle = This 1937 Caddy was a Featured Car on Big Al’s List in April of 2010. There are many pictures there and a good description of the vehicle. It is a 4 door with rear suicide doors and has been rebuilt from the frame up. It is powered by a 355 with a 350 transmission with custom interior & paint, nova sub, trouble free since 2004
Price = $ 20,000.00 no trades Major New Price Reduction
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call me at 216-362-6825
CC001103 ~ 102611

Model = 150 Sedan
Year = 1957
Description = Original Unrestored. See pictures on line under classic 57 chevy 150.look at 57 in upper left hand corner. it will give you entire mag article.
Price = $ 45,000.00
Contact = Please call me at 740-622-4797
CC001390 ~ 072713

Model = Continental 4 Door
Year = 1965
Description = For sale is an all ORIGINAL 1965 Lincoln Continental with Factory Suicide Doors. This is truly a barn find, has been stored away for over 15 years. All original, all complete. Has a 430 cubic inch motor runs, all electric, cruise control. Runs and drives. Would make a great rat rod, flat black, slam it to the ground, turn heads! 116,000 miles, I will entertain any reasonable offer, no low ballers, no trades please.
Price = $ 4,900.00 or best offer
Contact = Please call Chris at 330-241-9708
CC001388 ~ 072413

Model = Falcon Futura 4 Door
Year = 1963
Description = Ready to drive home - doesn't need a thing, strong and dependable. Drives like a dream, 170 automatic, 30 mpg, Bright blue with new blue and white interior. Several custom touches like: lowered, blue metal flake wheel, blue metal flake roof, scallops, '59 Caddy tail lights, blue window breezies, CD player, dome light, radio, etc. Great glass, New chrome from the bumpers to the door handles. Everything works, too - from the gauges to the defrost and wipers. This Falcon is decked out in brilliant blue neons and led lights controlled by four switches hidden in the glove box. Tastefully done and glows like no one's business. Great for Neon Parade contests at the shows and has won before.
Price $ 4,000.00, negotiable
Contact = Can receive calls anytime day or night at 330-317-6699.
CC001387 ~ 072413

Model = Camaro Z28
Year = 1971
Description of Vehicle = All metal 1971 Camaro Big Block Big Tire street car, new paint job & cowl hood, Reccaro leather bucket seats, Weld rims 31x19.5 wide tires, tilt wheel PS PB Disc brakes, spoilers, gages, lights & wipers, comes with fresh hi perf 396 all forged internals, pump gas eng, th350 3k stall & other parts Too much to list values 28k  all for 20,000 or poss trades street cars only worth 20k+
Price = $ 16,500.00 or Best Offer New Lower Price!
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at
CC001124 ~ 122011

Model = SS Camaro Coupe
Year = 1996
Description of Vehicle = 1996 SS Camaro clean never in snow little rain it happens 17,500 miles tires are year old 90 front 60 rear all stock except y pipe will included a Magnaflow y pipe with it so you are legal if needed, 6 Speed
Price = $ 13,995.00 Or Best Offer
Contact = Please call me at 330-458-9167
CC001382 ~ 070613

Model = Thunderbird
Year = 1988
Description of Vehicle = Turbo Coupe with 36,000 miles. All original, black on black, Loaded with options that all work perfectly.
Price = $ 10,500.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 724-775-8896
CC001376 ~ 061213

Model = Corvette Coupe
Year = 1978
Description of Vehicle = Silver Anniversary, 50K, 4 Spd, very nice, new exhaust
Price = $ 15,000.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-257-2164
CC001372 ~ 061013

Model =Altima Sedan
Year = 2003
Description of Vehicle = About This Altima, Mileage: 131,108, Body Style: Sedan, Exterior Color: Satin White Pearl, Interior Color: Charcoal, Fuel: Gasoline, Engine: 3.5L V6 24V MPFI DOHC, Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic, Drivetrain: FWD, Doors: 4, Wheelbase: 110", CARFAX: 1-Owner Vehicle, View Free Report
Price = $ 2,000.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at
CC001370 ~ 061013

Model = Convertible Landau
Year = 1966
Description of Vehicle = 71,155 orginal miles, 390 motor, last run in the 90's, Needs some body work on the rear quarters and fenders and paint, Bought new from dealer, Was last registered in '79, Upholstery good condition, dash in very good condition, All chrome and emblems, has been kept undercover, I have photos which can email if needed, I am selling for good friend of my family. Was her parent's car and would like to see it go to a good home
Price = $ 3,200.00 or best offer
Contact Info = Please call me at 330-774-8060 or E-mail me at
CC001366 ~ 051813

Model = Crown Victoria Hardtop
Year = 1955
Description of Vehicle = 351 Windsor, 3 speed trans, Ford 9 inch rearend. Interior very good, tube grill, 1960 Buick tailights, new tires on front. Runs good, needs some body work and paint.
Price = $ 13.000.00 negotiable
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-463-4499
CC001365 ~ 050913

Model = C-10 Truck
Year = 1970
Description of Vehicle = 1970 Chev Stepside short bed M-21 4 speed truck is in great condition no putty iam the second owner you will not fined a better shot bed  thanks  jerry i have paper work for this truck about $16500.00 invested
Price = I need $ 12,000.00
Contact Info = Please call before 10pm 724-496-3782        
CC001364 ~ 050813

Model = BelAir Convertible
Year = 1957
Description of Vehicle = Restored 283ci/283hp solid lifter fuel injected car. Car runs and drives like a dream. Being sold as is NO WARRANTIES
Price = $ 70,000.00 will consider all offers
Contact Info = Please call me at 724-752-3320 or E-mail me at
CC001363 ~ 050813

Model = Town Car 4 Door
Year = 1976
Description of Vehicle = 88,000 miles, 460 cubic inch, Blue interior / exterior. 
Price = $ 5,000.00, No Trades
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-728-0069
CC001361 ~ 052613

Model = Toronado Sedan
Year = 1980
Description of Vehicle = Sun roof, has new seal and new headliner that needs to be installed.  Runs great!
Price = $ 3.600.00, No Trades
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-728-0069
CC001360 ~ 042613

Harley Davidson
Model = Trike Old 45
Year = 1979
Description of Vehicle = 1978 Trike with old 45 Motor, Needs work.
Price = $ 4,500.00, No Trades
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-728-0069
CC001359 ~ 042613

Harley Davidson
Model = HD Super Glide
Year = 1989
Description of Vehicles = Needs battery, I have new front tire that needs to be mounted.
Price = $ 6,500.00 No Trades
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-728-0069
CC001358 ~ 042613

Model = Impala SS Fastback
Year = 1967
Description of Vehicle = 327, standard, frame off restoration, all new bushings, bearings front and rear, new interior and seals, new exhaust, new paint. Appraised 6/2012 $34,500
Price = $ 30,000.00 No trades
Contact Info = Calls only at 440-728-0069
CC001357 ~ 042613

Model = Mustang Hard Top
Year = 1989
Description of Vehicle = Street legal low 10 second car. Notch back, Full certified cage. Perfect Renegade series car at Thompson Drag raceway. All roller 408 with aluminum heads. c4 with trans brake. very clean tastful car. will send pics upon request.
Price = $ 13,500.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-228-4844
CC001356 ~ 042413

Model = Custom Show Truck
Year = 1977
Description of Vehicle = 350 Engine, 480 Horse Power, Aluminum Heads, Holley 750 Double Pumper Carb, Bell Tech Dropped Spindles, Tubbed, TCI 350 Turbo Transmission with Kevlar Bands & Over size pump, Original 1977 12 Bolt Chevy Rear-end,  Auburn Gear Posi with 3.73 Richmond Gears, Shaved Door Handles W/Remote, Fiberglass Tonneau Cover, Bucket Seats (Black and Red Interior), Crager Mags Old Style, Lots of Chrome! 20 Gallon Polish Aluminum Pro Street Fuel Cell, 2 Batteries, Enclosed Aluminum Battery Boxes, Carpeted Finished Inside Bed (matches interior) Much More! More pixs available upon request, Will consider serious offers.
Price = $ 22,000.00
Contact Info Please call Jim at 740-575-4264 or E-mail me at
CC001355 ~ 042113

Model = C-10 Pick Up
Year = 1970
Description of Vehicle = short bed step side pick-up in great condition, M-21 4 speed, six cylinder, Tri-Power, 2nd. Owner.
Price = $ 13,000.00 or best offer
Contact Info = Please call 724-496-3782 before 10pm.
CC001354 ~ 041513

Model = Street Rod Roadster
Year = 1932
Description of Vehicle = Custom Built PPG Base/Clear Black, Mirror Gloss, 3,400 miles, GM ZZ4/350CI 355 HP Engine, 350 Turbo Auto Transmission, Removable Top Hartz Cloth, Leather Interior, Hidden Radio with Remote and 6 Disc Changer, Edelbrock 750cfm Carburetor, Ceramic Coated Headers, Front Suspension Heidts Super-ride coil-overs, Disc Brake Rear Suspension 9" Ford, 3.5" Coil, Disc Brakes, Body Balls All Weather Roadster, Full Fender, Vintage Air, VDO Gauges, Ididit Tilt Steering, Windows, Doors, Lectra-Lift Trunk,
Price = $ 75,000.00
Contact Info = Please call 440-256-2965 or e-mail at
CC001351 ~ 033013

Model Camaro Z-28 Hardtop
Year = 1977
Description of Vehicle = Rare 1977 1/2 Chevrolet Camaro z28, Real Black z28 with tan deluxe interior, Loaded up with options like power windows, power locks, rear defrost, am-fm 8 track. Original Pennsylvania car with its original paint and interior. Numbers matching 350 with 4-speed transmission. This Z-28 is a all around great driving car and is a wonderful survivor.
Price = $ 13,900.00 Or best offer
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-478-8805
CC001350 ~ 033013

Model = Caprice Hearse by Eureka
Year = 1988
Description of Vehicle = 94,xxx miles, New tires, exhaust, water pump, brakes, wheel cylinders, brake drums, wiper motor, EGR valve, belts and 02 sensor. Car runs and drives great, can be taken anywhere, has ice cold air conditioning. I am selling the car because I have purchased another Hearse and need money to restore it. The only major issue is that the bumper filler is cracking and slowly falling apart. It has an after-market AM/FM CD player and speakers mounted in the front and back.
Price = $ 2,500 Firm
Contact Info = Please call me at 330-416-3340
CC001349 ~ 033013

Model = Valiant 100 4 door
Year = 1969
Description of Vehicle = straight 6, factory air conditioning, manual steering and brakes. No holes in floors. Tires are dry rotted, has been in a barn for 20 or more years. Interior is rough but nice shape for its age!! Not interested in trades or offers or what you think it's worth. Serious inquiries only.
Price = $ 2,000.00 Firm
Contact Info = Please call me at 330-416-3340
CC001348 ~ 032813

Model = 88 Coupe
Year = 1951
Description of Vehicle = 2 door, no engine or transmission, no front or rear bumper & no back seat. The rest is there including chrome, glass and fender skirts. It’s a rusty car but would make a good project vehicle or Rat Rod! It has a clear title, Vin plate and keys are in hand! Please call with any questions.
Price = $ 1.000.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 330-242-5817
CC0013247 ~ 032813

Model = Chevelle Coupe
Year = 1972
Description of Vehicle = 400 small block with a 350 transmission, 12 bolt posi rear end, disk brakes and stock ralley wheels with disk brake center caps and fairly new white letter tires. Can hear run. Good solid frame. Needs new quarters and fenders. We have a hood, fender and half rear quarter for the car.
Price = $ 5,000.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 724-710-7083
CC001341 ~ 032013

Model = Special Kustom Hard Top
Year = 1953
Description of Vehicle = 1953 Buick Special the car has a small block 350 w/350 turbo tranny. the car has a Camaro sub frame with disc brakes power steering. The rear end is a mid 1970's limited slip posi. The tires are fairly new as the wheels are also. The interior is super nice redone in white. The car has power windows and seats. The dash is a 55 Chevy, also tilt wheel. This cars drives like a new one. Must see to appreciate.
Price = $ 17,500 Or.Best.Offer
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call me at 724-710-7083
CC001339 ~ 031313

Model = Pick Up
Year = 1973
Description of Vehicle = Chevy 1/2 ton pickup, Show truck, Custom painted eagle on hood, fender flares, automatic.
Price = $ 17,900.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 724-282-1707 or E-mail me at
CC001338 ~ 031313

Model = Corvette Coupe
Year = 1984
Description of Vehicle = 1984 Corvette with 68,000 miles. 350 auto, crossfire fuel injection. Overall in good condition but needs TLC. Not currently running due to wiring harness short in column(common problem to early-mid '80s GM products. Good project car or Great drive-train for a street-rod.
Price = $2,800.00 or best offer
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call me at 216-551-2091
CC001337 ~ 030913

Model = Coupe
Year = 1949
Description of Vehicle = 2 door, lots of chrome and hood ram not shown in pictures. all original.
Price = Make Offer
Contact Info = Please call Geri at 740-942-3779
CC001336 ~ 030813

Model = Corvette Convertible
Year = 1974
Description of Vehicle = 454, auto, Red exterior, with black soft top. Also red clip on & off hard top. Black interior, 8,162 original miles documented. From GM executive Bob L. Johnson's collection. Survivor car, am-fm, power windows, telescopic steering wheel.
Price = $ 33,500.00 or make offer
Contact Info = Please call 440-461-5305 or 440-975-0835
CC001335 ~ 022813

Model = PD Sedan
Year 1933
Description of Vehicle = All steel car, Mileage 22,XXX, An older restoration, No rust issues, Color is Silver over Blue, Wheel Base is about 106 inches, 350 SBC with Four Barrel and Headers, No overheating issues car runs cool, Vintage Air/ Heat, Tinted Glass all around, 350 Automatic, Mustang II front end, Disc brakes, GM rear, Tilt column, Banjo wheel, Bucket up front, Bench rear seats, Torque Thrust wheels, The valve covers are not rusty, it is from the flash of the camera that makes them that color The reflection in the front fenders is the chrome hood latch not a flaw in the paint This car loves to cruise down the Highway For more info or more pictures call me. It is sold as is where is I will help with your shipper to get it loaded or you if you come in person Thanks for looking and may God bless
Price = $ 25,900.00 Or Best Offer
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call me at 928-242-0333  mtn time
CC001334 ~ 022513

Model = W 350 4X4 1 Ton Truck
Year = 1989
Description of Vehicle = Show condition, no excuses, 360FI, 4 speed, 75,000 miles, lockout hubs, tow package, 8,000LB Warn winch/bumper, garage kept, exceptional condition, must see, serious inquires only.
Price = $ 15,000.oo
Contact Info = Please call me at 724-484-7619
CC001332 ~ 021813

Model = Lark VIII Sedan
Year = 1961
Description of Vehicle = 259 V-8, automatic trans. Texas car. No outer body rust. Floor pans repaired. Paint, glass good. Trim decent. Good running motor. Brakes updated. Mostly original interior. No reverse gear in trans.  Nice solid 2 door Lark. Nice driver. Located in SW Arkansas area. More photos on request.
Price = $ 3,950.00
Contact Info = Please call me at 870-387-5954, 7 to 10 PM is best or email me at
CC001331 ~ 021713

Model = Model A Sport Coupe
Year = 1929
Description of Vehicle = I have a 1929 Model A Sport Coupe. It has been in the family for over 20 years. Starts right up and runs great! Original paint shows expected signs of wear but is still shiny. Everything works. Options include rumble seat, trunk with leather cover, etched glass wind wings, Otwell Health Heater, newer canvas in excellent condition. New battery and starter switch. All fluids changed recently. If you are looking for a fun driver that you don\'t have to worry about getting a rock chip on, this is it! NOT a trailer queen or concourse winner, although it wouldn't take much if that is what you want. Located in Columbus, OH area.
Price = $ 16,500.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at
CC001329 ~ 020113

Model = Duster
Year = 1974
Description of Vehicle = Hardtop, solid body, floors and trunk slant six automatic Trans, runs great
Price = $ 6,000.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call me at 440-812-0259
CC001328 ~ 013013

Model = 2 Door
Year = 1967
Description of Vehicle = I am selling or parting out my grandpas 67 T-Bird. It is an all original 390, two door with black interior. The body is solid and most of the chrome is decent. This is a great fixer upper. I am selling it because I just don’t have the space for it anymore.
Price = $ 1,000.00 or best offer
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call me at 216-357-1142
CC001327 ~ 012313

Model = Camaro
Year = 1968
Description of Vehicle = I’m selling my 1968 Camaro, its royal purple and it has a 383 with Turbo 350. It was restored 4 years ago and it can be seen on E-Bay. This car is very clean and I will take offers on it.
Price = I’m asking $ 28,000.00 but will take offers
Contact Info = Please call me at 440-251-6401 or email me at
CC001321 ~ 011613

Model = Convertible
Year = 1946
Description of Vehicle = I have a 1946 Dodge convertible project for sale. It does need a floor, trunk and drivers door work. Aftermarket metal is available. Good title in my name. Comes with extra parts. I can send pics.
Price = $ 6,500.00 or best offer.
Contact Info = Please call me at 724-923-9842 or E-mail me at
CC001320 ~ 011613

Model = Ranger XLT Pick Up
Year = 2000
Description of Vehicle = Lowered, gloss black color, dark tint windows, Fleetside bed with Rino bed lining, 3.0 V6,5 speed trans, new clutch and slave, new brakes, shocks, engine tuneup, 118,000 miles, Euro style tail lights, mirrors and hood    
Price = $ 5,200.00
Contact Info = Please Email me at or call at 330-434-4588 for a time to view.
CC001319 ~ 011613

Model = Custom 2 door
Year = 1955
Description of Vehicle = Project Car, V-8 engine, only 73,528 miles, 3 speed column shift. A box full of parts go with the car that has all the rubber seals for the windows, gaskets, seat covers, the back window, bumpers and all chrome for the sides. The husband started working on it but passed away in December of 2010 and I do not have the finances to finish her up.
Price = $ 3,500.00 A Very Major Price Reduction!
Contact Info = Please call Fran at 814-683-5770 and if no answer, please leave a message.
CC001245 ~ 081412
Click here to see extra pictures of this vehicle!

Model = Z4 Roadster 2.5i
Year = 2004
Description of Vehicle = Like new!!! Merlot red metallic convertible with beige leather interior and automatic soft-top, sport Package with Fog Lamps, Sport Suspension, Sport Button and 17” Alloy wheels, wood trim, cruise control, on board computer, heated seats and Rain Sensor. This car has lots of Extras and the best part is that it only has 18.000 miles on it! It has always been stored during the winter months and is a real Head Turner!
Price = $ 15,000.00 Check Out This Major Price Reduction
Contact Info = Please call to set up an appointment at 440-392-0755 or E-Mail me at
CC000838 ~ 083010

Model = Mustang Convertible
Year = 1973
Description of Vehicle = What you are looking at is the last of the First Generation Mustang Muscle cars and Convertibles. A 1973 Mustang, convertible with 351 Cleveland engine, Auto, Power front disk brakes, PS, AC, Power windows, Tilt Wheel and Power trunk release. This is an original Cal. car, purchased from a Car Museum, in St. Louis Mo., with 68,XXX miles. All gauges are in working condition and this car is Rust free, Bondo free and has no patch panels. Excellent overall condition.
The following is just some of the new parts and upgrades that have been made, to the car.
New Edelbrock 4-Barrel manifold with 650 cfm Carburetor.
New rear leaf springs and shocks all around.
New heavy duty front stabilizer bar.
Upgraded Mustang radio with 10 disk CD changer, in trunk.
New Carpeting, High flow water pump, Radiator fan and fan clutch.
Welded in Sub Frame connectors.
New chrome 100 amp GM style one wire alternator.
New Pertronix Billet distributor with electronic ign. system.
New 2 1/2" exhaust system with crossover and Flowmaster Mufflers. New gas tank sending unit. The paint and overall condition, of this car is excellent and needs absolutely nothing, possibly a new owner. Further information upon request, call.
KBB in this condition is $30,000.
Price = $ 25,000.00 or reasonable offer. Possible trade for 55-58 Ford, Chevy. ????????
Contact Info = If interested please contact George at 440 255-3605, or E mail at
CC001099 ~ 101911

Model = IH 4300 Front Custom Built Motor Home
Year = 1974
Description of vehicle = New 8V92 Detroit with 10 speed, New Transmission, Rear and Drive Line. Custom built interior, seats 7 plus driver & co-driver, sleeps 3 in 1 double and 1 single beds, shower, toilet, refrigerator, stove, sink, TV with VCR, rear door opens up with ramps. 12 volt winch in rear, hauls 1 car, truck or tractor. Bus stock historical plates and motor home tags (cheap) $ 66,000.00 invested.
Price = $ 42,000.00 No “Reasonable” offer will be refused!
Contact Info = Please call Sandman Motor Sports at 216-780-1309
CC000925 ~ 011411

Model = Dump Truck
Year = 1989
Description of vehicle = 8.2 Diesel rebuilt by GM, 5 speed, New tires, clutch & pressure plate, hydraulics, 10 foot dump box, over $ 18.500.00 invested.
Price = $ 13,200.00 No “Reasonable” offer will be refused!
Contact Info = Please call Sandman Motor Sports at 216-780-1309
CC000924 ~ 011311

Model = Sedan
Year = 1932
Description of Vehicle = Blown, This car is loaded with plenty of Special Features, too many to list!
Price = $  and No “Reasonable” offer will be refused!
Contact Info = Please call Sandman Motor Sports at 216-780-1309
CC000914 ~ 010611

Henry J
Model =
Year = 1951
Description of Vehicle = Blown and Injected 502 producing 1,600 Horse power Wheel Stander!
Price = $  and No “Reasonable” offer will be refused!
Contact Info = Please call Sandman Motor Sports at 216-780-1309
CC000913 ~ 010611

Model = Bad Ass Truck
Year = 1955
Description of vehicle = NasCar small block Chevy with 350 automatic transmission, 410 reat-end with spool, front disc brakes, wheelie bars, purple. $ 26,500.00 invested.
Price = $ 18,500.00 or No “Reasonable” offer will be refused!
Contact Info = Please call Sandman Motor Sports at 216-780-1309
CC000909 ~ 122510

Model = Wheel Standing Tool Van
Year = 1965
Description = Wheel Standing, All Aluminum Body, 513 cubic inch Blown Hemi, TH 400 transmission, SCS Quick Change Drop Box and 9” Rear, New Tube Frame with BMRC Roll Cage IHRA Approved, Tons of Trick Parts, Hemi or Chevy Cradle, Special Built, All new trick chassis. This can be an All or part Purchase. I have $ 176,000.00 invested.
Price = $ 88,000.00 or No “Reasonable” offer will be refused!
Contact Info = Please call Sandman Motor Sports at 216-780-1309
CC000908 ~ 122510

Model = Detroit 60 Series
Year = 1995
Description of Vehicle = 10 speed, Observation Deck, with double bunk, extra storage cabinet behind cab, new everything, 45 foot Ram Trailer with rear ramp door, tool boxes, parts cabinets, drawers, drill press, clothes cabinet, wrench, hydraulic crane outside door, under trailer cabinets, spare tire, external power source, Lincoln Ranger Generator / Welder is optional, large enough to contain 2 pullers.
Price =  Call            No “Reasonable” offer will be refused!
Contact Info = Please call Sandman Motor Sports at 216-780-1309
CC000907 ~122510

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Model = TWD
Year = 1996
Description of Vehicle = Fiberglass body, working doors, Hydraulic Lift Body, new tires and rims, Halon Fire System, tube frame, NEW 513 cubic inch Hemi, pre-oiler, Ken Venney Heads and Injector, 1471 Blower, 3 speed Humpco transmission with reverse, starter in transmission, New  Crower 4 Disc, New MSG Ignition, Powder Coated Accessories, The Best of Everything with over $ 85,000.00 invested.
Price = $ 49,800.00 or No “Reasonable” offer will be refused!
Contact Info = Please call Sandman Motor Sports at 216-780-1309
CC000906 ~ 122510

Click here to see extra pictures of this vehicle!

Model = XR-50
Year = 2003
Description = Motorcycle Dirt Bike
Price = $ 650.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call Denver at 330-547-2139
CC000666 ~ 110509

Model = Camaro
Year = 1967
Description of Car = This car was complete and running before I started to restore it. This is the second coat of primer on it but still must be block sanded one more time and re-primered, then it should be ready for paint. This car has a deluxe interior which is in poor condition as you can see. The car has a steel cowl inducted hood and I also added a factory duck tail to it. The only parts that I can remember I am missing would be the radio and a broken windshield. I do not have any time to finish this car, I am working on many others at the same time.
Price = $ 9,000.00 This is a Major Price Reduction!!!
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at RET_1999@MSN.COM or my call cell phone 440-759-3747
CC000510 12-26-08

Model = AXR 70 R
Year = 2003
Description of Vehicle = Like new hardly ever ridden! It comes with a helmet.
Price = $ 650.00
Contact Info = Please E-mail me at or call Denver at 330-547-2139
CC000649 ~ 100109