Krazy Paint Raises Money for Kids!

Krazy Paint is a group that brings Pinstripers and automotive painters together for a Charity Panel Jam in Cleveland Ohio and other locations. They paint up everything from toilet seats to fine art panels and sell them thru auctions and at their unique ‘Buy It Now’ tables. ALL of that money goes to the Career and Technical School Foundation. From there, it helps kids with scholarships, school supplies and other needed programs. But it’s always about helping kids as that is the long time, Pinstripers tradition.

This year’s event raised over $22,000.00 and the numbers are still being finalized. The amount represents an increase of close to 100% over last year’s tally. This proves the growth of such an event in Cleveland at the Summit Racing IX-Center’s Piston Powered Auto-Rama. The Auto-Rama provides the space and equipment for Krazy Paint to happen and to be one of the feature events of the show.

Over 50 Krazy Paint artists came from throughout the U.S. and Canada to help create Hot Rod Art to sell. Additionally, painters who cannot attend the event, send in art to sell. Folks attending the show can watch the painters work and talk to them about getting future work done for them. Numerous corporations help Krazy paint by donating supplies and items for the Krazy (Goodie) Bags each artist receives. This year’s Krazy Bag even included a bowling pin that each artist can turn into a saleable item for themselves.

If you’d like to help Krazy Paint help some kids, visit our website,
They have a number of programs available.


Please click here to view the Krazy Paint Jam at the I-X Piston Power Show!